A Creationship: Buddy System in Art


This  is one of my pages of my Journaling By Fives with a Buddy Art Journal and the theme of this post. Art is better with a buddy. Yvonne is my art buddy. We actually knew each other, in what seems like another lifetime, but had gone our seperate ways. YouTube brought us back together. More specifically, YouTube videos showing the Journaling By Fives process and our love of art journaling and mixed media brought us together.

I had just gotten into Art Journaling and Mixed Media and happened upon Journaling By Five videos. I watched several and then after watching one by mytherapyroom I  selected a second one. I liked how she did the tutorial. When I heard her introduce herself , I shook my head and said out loud to an empty room. ” I know her”. She lives in the same small city I do. I did a facebook search, got her page and confirmed my suspicions. Then I messaged her . We quickly set up a “create date” and got together to share our mutual favorite pasttime.  That was nine months ago. We have gotten together every week since then, with very few exceptions, and created.


This “Creationship” has benefited both of us. Sometimes, I admit, that we do more talking than creating and more than a few glasses of wine have been consumed over the nine months. Yet at other times we are both so totally engrossed in our own art projects that not a word is spoken.

She is the one who showed me how to make YouTube videos. Together we made a series on homemade stamps. Here’s the link

When we aren’t together creating, texts fly between us. Sharing what we are doing. Asking the other for “what next” . PIctures of partially finished projects taken and sent. It’s awesome to have that second opinion.


Not to mention that we have available to us the contents of not one, but two art studios. Not only do I have access to my stencils and stamps, but I get to use Yvonne’s. She get’s to use mine. I might get the better end  of that deal as Yvonne has been card making and scrapbooking for years.  She’s got a lot of materials that I like to repurpose for art journaling.

We can also try out each others products. I’m not sure if this is a  complete plus as we tend to enable the other to buy more art materials. I got her hooked on Inktense Blocks, she got me hooked on Lindy’s Starburst Sprays. Together we developed a love for gelli printing. Her GelliArts Gelli Plate is coming soon ( about 2 weeks after a create date where I ” forced” her to try mine instead of her homemade one.)

Our art styles are very different and yet compatible. We have respect for and know what each does and likes.  I find myself challenged to try what Yvonne is doing and she does the same. I think we have both grown as artists, yet remained who we are,  throughout this “ Creationship”

Art doesn’t have to be a solo journey. My wish for all of you is that you find an art buddy. Someone who really ” gets” what you do. Someone you can talk to for hours about texture and color and design.  If you can’t find someone local, find an online art buddy. With today’s technology , Skype, FaceTime, text, Instagram etc. it’s easier than ever to share. Join various art Facebook groups ( something I never even knew about until 9 months ago) and become part of an art community.  Your life will be richer for it.

I just created a Facebook Group so there is a place to share what you create and can develop “creationships” with others on this creative journey. The group is called All Things Mixed Media: CreativeKady   . Hope to see you there. 

Here’s the link to my Try It Tuesday Prompt Challenge. Do the challenges and then post on the Facebook Group All Things Mixed Media: CreativeKady


All the pictures I posted on this blog are from my Journaling by Fives with my buddy Yvonne. If you want to learn more about how I completed these click on the link below.

If you want to see the creation in action go to my YouTube Channel by hitting the YouTube symbol at the top and look for my Journaling By Five playlist.


2 thoughts on “A Creationship: Buddy System in Art

  1. mycraftingtherapyroom

    Oh my friend, I love this post!!! Everything you said is so true. I love that I’ve found…..well, actually, you found, someone to ‘art’ with and I’ve been in heaven for 9 months. Even when we’re on holidays and not able to connect to art for a week or two, we’re still connecting on an almost daily basis to keep in touch and keep track of what the other is doing. I love that we ‘enable’ each other and have the love and respect for each others styles. We work so well together and I agree…..sometimes without a spoken word. We ‘get’ each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mwahhh!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. rnee1000

    I like this idea of creating with a buddy! None of my friends are into anything creative and I belong to a writers’ group but they do not do any art. I am on the lookout for others who appreciate art in any form but specifially art journaling and mixed media. I love the pages you have in this post–lovely work and meaningful phrases!



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