Welcome To Creativekady

Welcome to my blog. About a year ago now, I was curious about mixed media and art journaling posts I saw on Pinterest. I started to dabble in it and before too long I was hooked.

In May I started making YouTube videos sharing my growing knowledge and skill set. November 2015 I started this blog.

I am a teacher by profession ( soon to be retired) and I always believe that sharing what you know is a great way to grow in your own learning.  This blog is an extension of that. Another way to share my journey with others.

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Where Flowers bloom


6 thoughts on “Welcome To Creativekady

  1. Kathy golden

    I am really enjoying all the information and videos made by you. I am just a home maker that has not been in this very long. I getting to fulfill my dream,”TO PLAY.” Thank you sooo much. Kathy golden


    1. creativekady Post author

      Thank you Kathy for your kind words. I’m so glad you are giving yourself the opportunity to play. I will be retiring this year and I am so excited about playing too. Karen


      1. Terry Magram

        Hi Kady, just found you on YT and love your journaling style. As a full time librarian I only have a very limited time to art. But yay! Like you I am retiring this year and am so excited about having time to play! I’ve been making a kind of art bucket list and the prompt sticks are definitely going on it. Congratulations, I know just how you feel!


      2. creativekady Post author

        Hi Terry, Thank you so much. Mixed media /art journaling is such a wonderful pursuit . Congrats on retiring. Here’s to looking forward to whatever life brings our way. Karen


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