How to Use the Computer to do Your Lettering:It’s All About DaFont, DaFont, DaFont

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I don’t know about you , but choosing the right font for my Artist Trading Cards ATC or Art Journal pages is not something that I do without  a lot of thought. It is one of those “little” details that can really set off your art. I type out my quote several times and try different fonts and different sizes until I get it just right. I then print out a couple varieties onto deli paper or tracing paper. Here’s the link to my YouTube video that shows how to do that.

The other day someone commented on my latest YouTube video ” Joy” asking me what font I used. She recognized that I had used it before. I thought maybe a few more of you may want the names of some of my favorite fonts.

Below you will see pictures of the various fonts I use. I typed out the font name in the font in   size 48 .  I keep these in a file and when I’m choosing  a font I flip through these papers. Then when I go to the computer I know which ones I want.

IMG_2495         IMG_2494 IMG_2493          IMG_2492 IMG_2491          IMG_2489 IMG_2488           IMG_2486         IMG_2485        IMG_2484

Where did I find these. I  googled ” free fonts” and clicked on one . It was /. I then went through the wide variety and downloaded the ones I thought might work for me in my art.  When you go there type in the names above into the search bar and you should find it. I have enough computer knowledge to figure out how to install it into my Word program, but it would be difficult for me to tell you here. I’m sure there’s a YouTube video that explains and shows this.

One of these days I promise myself I will do my own lettering. I’m practicing. Now that I have these fonts I type out the uppercase and lower case alphabet and then practice making the letters on my own.

Whether you use the fonts to type out your quote or use them to learn how to make them using the free fonts online is a good idea.

Happy Fonting   Creative Kady



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