Mixed Media Technique Tags- Techniques # 4-6

Hello everyone. What have you created today. Here  are the next 3 videos in my Mixed Media Technique Tag video series.

Don’t forget to show me your tags or the pages you create using one of the MMTT techniques but posting in my facebook group or in instagram #mixedmediatechniquetag2017

Instagram: Creativekady


Facebook Group: allthingsmixedmedia:creativekady


MMTT#4 Bright Colors on Black Background

I just love the look of black with bright colors. When you work on a black background it can be difficult to get the brightness of the colors. Use this technique with various color mediums to preserve those bright colors and


MMTT#5 Removing Color Through a Stencil
This technique is similar to the “ghosting” technique used by Dyan Reaveley with her Dylusions sprays. But don’t think for one minute that the effect can only be achieved using her products. See how you can get a similar effect using a wide range of color mediums.

MMTT#6 Analogous Color Schemes=Great Backgrounds
Don’t be scared by the term analogous…all it means is colors that play together nicely and when combined do not make mud. If you know this tidbit of color theory you will be able to more easily put together background that are amazing.

Come back and check out more Mixed Media Technique Tag Tutorials.



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