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Get Ready for More Mixed Media Technique Tags


In December of 2016 I launched the “Mixed Media Technique Tag” series on YouTube. In June I posted the 16th video in the series before taking a “break” to participate in the Index Card a Day Challenge 2017 that is created by Daisy Yellow. ( Yes, there are videos to accompany that journey)

In the MMTT  series I  demonstrate mixed media/art journaling techniques, tips, or tidbits.   I provide YouTube tutorial showing you the technique with several variations.  Not only will you learn mixed media techniques, but you will get inspired to try new things and to do your own experimentation. If you choose to make the tags, you will also have a complete Mixed Media Technique reference tool.

As I prepare to start up the Mixed Media Technique Tag series again I will link up the past Mixed Media Technique Tag videos so you can start , catch up or just refresh. Enjoy

Mixed Media Technique Tags ” Let’s Get Started” 

I organized the tags into 6 categories- Pattern, Texture, Color, Collage, Finishing and Other. Please go to this link to get more information about this series and get instructions on how to “get ready” for series.

MMTT#1 Designer Tissue Paper

Use your homemade or purchased stamps to create your own one of a kind tissue paper that you can use to add to any of your mixed media projects.

MMTT#2  Tags for Texture

Tags, tags, and more tags….clothing tags, shipping tags, punched tags, business cards. These little gems can be used to create amazing texture on your mixed media projects.

MMTT # 3  Paper Towel to Create Texture
Many of us use paper towel to mop up left over paint, but did you know it can be used to add amazing texture to your mixed media projects?


Come share your mixed media journey and join the “creationships”

Facebook Group: “All Things Mixed Media:CreativeKady https://www.facebook.com/groups/10212…

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/creativekady/


CreativeKady/Karen Burchill




Mixed Media Technique Tags ” Let’s Get Started”


I am so very excited to be launching my new series “Mixed Media Technique Tags 2017” . I’ve had this idea for over a year but the timing just never seemed right. With 2017 just around the corner I’ve decided that the time is NOW.  I believe I have enough figured out, but as usual I feel like I’ve jumped from the plane and am sewing the parachute on the way down. Please be patient as some things may not go exactly as I planned and things may be tweaked as we progress. As always I am open to suggestions and ideas from you , my subscribers.

In this series I plan to demonstrate mixed media/art journaling techniques, tips, or tidbits.  Not only will I provide YouTube tutorial showing you the technique and some variations, but also,     ( time and energy permitting)  post a summary of the techniques on my blog as well. Any printables that I create for this series will be in the blog posts so be sure that you have selected the option to be notified of new blog posts.

Why tags? I have found in the past that doing something new on smaller pages, be it a tag, ATC (Artist Trading Card) or ICAD ( Index Card a Day) is very freeing. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to be so overwhelming. It’s not expensive, it’s not big and it doesn’t take long, so the “risk”  and commitment is less.


The goal of the tags is NOT to end up with a finished page. The goal is to  set up a  mixed media/art journal reference tool  that contains samples as well as  a written summary of each technique .  With each technique I plan to make at least one tag. Depending on variations there may be more than one tag. For instance, the salt technique is one technique, but I will make multiple tags using many of my color mediums. After all, we don’t all have the same mediums…nor should we feel pressured to get them all. Maximizing the use of what we have is key. The technique will look slightly different for each medium and I think it would be beneficial to have a snapshot of what each would look like. Plus, on the back of the card ( or on a summary card) we will be able to add comments that will lead to success when we try technique again.

img_68665512 img_68715516 img_68705511 img_68695515 img_68685514 img_68675513

I have selected six categories to organize all the techniques into. Please go to this link to get more information about this series and get instructions on how to “get ready” for series ( making tags and category tags).

I also want to develop a community of artists that discuss and share. I am hoping people post their technique tags and come to enjoy the “creationships” on my facebook group Allthingsmixedmedia:CreativeKady. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021241874586337/

Also, please use #mixedmediatechniquetags2017 or #creativekady when posting or sharing on social media. Once we get going I plan on having challenges where we create pages using MMTT # ___( Mixed Media Technique Tag).

Printables can be found by clicking on these links:  ( if you do not have the font I used on your computer it may look different than mine or the formatting may be off) If this is the case, use the information of the printables to create your own)



One part summary


Two part summary


I look forward to taking this journey with you.  Be sure to select to be notified of upcoming videos/blogs so you will know when they are out. Look for the first technique video early in January.

CreativeKady/Karen Burchill



JOY- An Art Journal Page


I just uploaded a new video tutorial on how to create this art journal page. Watch and learn the techniques I used. Use the basic ideas and techniques and create your own unique pages.

For those of you who like seeing things written down I will give you the step by step here. First I gessoed my Canson Mixed Media page. Then I ripped up several music sheets into random sizes and shapes. Since I wanted to be able to see this later I removed the titles. Then I cut out a couple Christmas tree templates out of printer paper. I played with the height and width until I got what I wanted. Then I traced out and cut out the trees out of some of my Christmas themed gelli prints which I created with my GelliArts Gelli Plate.

IMG_2288 IMG_2289 IMG_2290

I set the trees aside and went to my computer and chose the font Candy Randy, which was a free font that I downloaded and installed into my Word program. It’s one of my favorites. I hope you give it a try.

I typically try several sizes out to see what looks best. Some say that’s my perfectionism coming out, others might think my indecisiveness is showing.

I print it off on paper that’s a bit heavier than regular copy paper. I find it stands up to the wet mediums/adhesives better than copy paper.

Now that all the pieces are gathered I go back to the background. Unsure of what to do I give it a “whitewash” with thinned down gesso. I want to add texture so I grab the Crafter’s Workshop stencil ” Mod Spirals” and dip it into gesso and apply throughout the page. See how wonderful the texture is. Then I spray it with my Lindy’s Starbursts. I use Steampunk Sepia and Cactus Gold. If you haven’t used these you have to give them a try. They are two-toned shimmer. You can achieve some wonderful effects. The third picture is a close up of the page. The picture doesn’t do the shimmer justice. But hopefully you can see how the glimmer and pigments get caught in the texture of the spirals and torn edges.I

  IMG_2297   IMG_2296   IMG_2295

Then I grab my Distress Ink  Walnut and use the applicator to apply to the edges of the page as well as the edges of the letters and trees. This unifies the items.  I glue it all down using Golden Gel Medium. I used Gel Medium because I don’t want the Lindy’s Sprays or Distress Ink to reactivate. I emboss some snowflakes on deli paper and top off each tree. I also cut a tree stand from paper that I brayer off on while gelli printing.

IMG_2298   IMG_2302

I outline each item and edge of page with my Stabilio All pencil which I apply, smudge and then activate with a water brush. I then decide to use my fine liner and apply a line of thinned black acrylic. I add splatters of black and gold. I took a close up so you can see all the texture and fine details.

IMG_2315      IMG_2314

Here’s the link to my YouTube video.

Here is the page again. This would make a lovely Christmas card project as well. CreativeKady