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Displaying Your ATCs and ICADS- They’ve Been Framed

I love creating ATCs ( Artist Trading Cards) and ICADs ( Index Card a Day) and over the period of 2 years that I have been doing mixed media I have quite the collection.  I admit it I have a hard time giving away or even trading my little pieces of art. I imagine many of you are just like me , with a growing pile of ATCs , ICADs etc. So what do you do with them?

img_7110 img_7111

Initially I bought baseball card plastic sheets and stored my ATCs in them in a binder. This works well but I found that I didn’t look through it often. And I wanted to see my art,and be inspired by it. My ICADS I hole punched and put on a ring.  This kept them together, but was hard to display and I feel like I damaged my art by punching a hole in it.


One day shortly after we had moved my husband and I got onto the task of hanging pictures. Some of the things we had previously hung no longer appealed or ” fit” our new home. By the end of it, we had a stack of unused frames of various sizes and shapes. This is when I got my idea. Now that I had an actual art studio dedicated to my creativity I wanted to hang some of my creations. I gathered up all the unused frames onto the dining room table and took out all my creations that were not in a journal. Here’s what I came up with.

Now I didn’t do anything fancy, such as get custom matting for them- but you definitely could do this.  Part of my plan was to use what I had without buying anything new. This also meant that I could just get this done and hang the frames without delay or procrastination.

img_7020 img_7019

These two frames that are basically two panes of glass surrounded by wood . I believe they are called “float” picture frames.  These work particularily well since they will fit a variety of sizes of my art.  If I wanted I could paint a background that would go with the selected ICADS/ATCs  and mount the ATCs/ICADs on it. For now I like the look of the wall showing through. Gives it a sort of 3 D effect.

Here are a couple links to similar frames

Wood Float Frame 10X20 –

Wood Float Frame 51/2 X 13 –


This frame had a pre cut mat that was intended to use with 3 5 by 7 photos.  The size of the opening was too big for just one ATC so I paired them up and mounted them on the backing. The matting really makes these ATCs pop. Afterwards, I realized that I could have used foam tape or dots to adhere the ATCs. This little change would set them off even more.


These multi-picture frames come in a variety of orientations, but are the perfect size for either ATCs or ICADs.  I loved that I could use my ICADs that went horizontally as well as vertically in this frame. I simply mounted them on the black background without adding any backing paper. At a later time I could mount them on matt board or get a matt cut. ( My husband purchased a matt cutter when I first got into art. I may have to nudge him to get it out and start using it).

Here are some links to similar frames if interested

Puzzle Collage Picture Frame –

10 Opening Collage –

The best part of having my art in frames is I get to enjoy them in a way I couldn’t before. It inspires me to have my art hanging in my work space. Plus, whenever it strikes my fancy I can change the arrangements putting in other favorites or newer creations.

Have fun “framing” your art.





ICAD # 25 Step By Step ” Seize the Day “

Before I tell how I created ICAD # 25 I  wanted to talk about something else.

I’ve had a bit of a rough go of things lately.  You all know how busy things have gotten for me. End of school year. Almost retiring- so packing up/ getting rid of teacher stuff. Relocating to retirement home – getting house ready to sell, packing, purging and preparing. What you may not know is that through the last month I’ve also been dealing with severe back and knee pain. Truly I am not saying this to get you to feel sorry for me. I am saying it to point out the great benefit I get from going into the creating zone.

The Index Card A Day was just the right thing for me this June. It gave me a purpose. I promised to do all 61 ICADs  and I promised to blog or video them and share them on Facebook.  Now I know the ICAD , YouTube or Facebook  police were not going to come and demand I fulfill my card a day promise and I could easily have given up. But that’s not me. A promise is a promise. That promise was enough to get me to the art table.

When I sat down at the art table something wonderful happened. As I started to create I discovered that creating art was a powerful “pain killer” . I forgot about all the things I need to do, but can’t do. I forgot about all the uncertainty in my present situation. For a few hours every day I was able to escape it all and just be happy. I wish this for all of you.

IMG_5476 [150892]

As usual I prepare the flashcards by applying a couple layers of gesso. When I do this I typically do 3-5 of them. Just going through the motion of “painting” puts me into creative mode and I start to get ideas for what I am going to do. When I am stuck this is one of my go to activities for this very reason.

IMG_5477 [150893]

I applied two colors of Dylusions paints; Cut Grass and London Blue. I applied them with the blending tool and blended until I liked what I saw. I wanted sky above and grass below.

IMG_5479 [150895]

Next I taped one of my new stencils over it. I find just a couple strips of painters tape can help me prevent seepage under the stencil . I purchased this stencil in the home decor area of Michaels.

IMG_5480 [150896]

Using my palette knife I applied Flexible Modeling Paste. I dried what you see above and then moved the stencil to get the “lattice-like” effect down the middle as well. Because the modeling paste wasn’t exactly even some of it was less than white , so I took my Big Brush Pitt marker in white and went over they lattice so it was all a bright white.


IMG_5502 [386744]

Once the lattice effect was done I went looking for flowers/vines to put climbing up the lattice. In my search I came across these butterfly free printable. I did some fussy cutting and played around with placement. When I have something I like I take a picture with my phone. Looking on the phone gives a slightly different perspective and I find I can compare several different compositions which allows me to select the best one. The red-orange of the butterflies really pop against this background . If you check your color wheel , you will know why- they are complimentary colors to the background. I glued the butterflies down with matt medium. I only put it in the middle so the butterfly wings stick up and give a 3D effect.

IMG_5504 [386746]

Needing something more I painted over the butterflies with Liquitex Pouring Medium. This gives the butterflies a shine that makes them stand out even more. Warning, let the pouring medium dry on its own. I attempted to use a heat tool and caused the liquid to bubble ( even though I was not overly close) . I did not like the effect of the bubbles as I want a smooth glossy surface. Guess I had a lesson to learn.

You can see the finished ICAD below. I selected a quote from my dollar store stickers that matched the color of the butterflies as well as the feel of the card.


 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Posca Pen- white –

Liquitex Pouring Medium-

Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste-

Acrylic Paints

Dylusions Paints

IMG_5513 [386747]           Want to see the other ICADs I created? Click on this link and it will take you to my ICAD playlist in YouTube.

ICAD 2016 # 22 ” Let Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear “

As many of you know I’ve decided to do Index Card A Day 2016 this year. I made that decision in part because I learned so much last year watching the videos of others participating in ICAD 2015 and I wanted to “pay it forward”.  If you want more information about the challenge go to

I decided right from the beginning that my goal was to use things from my stash and use a variety of techniques and products. The benefit of using stuff already in your stash is that the time needed to create an ICAD significantly drops. You’ve already done the work-created the print, printed off the quote etc.

I have done 21 ICADs so far, this one is #22 and I must confess doing a card a day is a bit challenging but it’s also wonderfully rewarding. I am keeping up ( almost). Most of the ICAD tutorials can be seen on YouTube. I have set up a playlist entitled ICADs.

In ICAD # 22 I started with a gelli print that I’ve had for quite awhile and have always wanted to do something with it, but every time I went to use it , I couldn’t quite see how.    You can see it on the left. I cut off the borders.                                                                                                      IMG_5469 [150886]                   IMG_5470 [150887]

I glued the center part onto my “index card” which surprisingly fit perfectly   I cut the border pieces to a size that looked good as a border on the card and glued them in place too.

IMG_5471 [150888]                    IMG_5472 [150889]

While that was drying, I looked through my ready to go inspirational quotes. Every so often I type up and print off quotes to be used just for this purpose. This one was printed on deli paper.  I trimmed it following the shape of the words.

IMG_5473 [150890]

I glued the phrase to card using gel medium matt. I put the gel medium on both the card as well as on the back of the words. I find that when you do both, the deli paper goes more translucent and you can see what is underneath it more clearly. You can see that you can’t even see the deli paper in the picture below.


I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Mod Podge matt-

Deli paper –

Gelli plate –

IMG_5474 [169377]

Want to see more ICADs?  Here’s the link to my YouTube playlist. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.


Creative Kady/ Karen Burchill

ICAD # 13 Step by Step Tutorial “Time Flies”

IMG_5399 [3401283]

Truer words were never spoken. Time flies when you are having fun. Time flies too when your dreams are about to come true. So much to do. So much to think about. So what do I do- go down to my studio. It’s the only room in the house that is not “staged” for the purpose of selling the house and escape into the act of creation.  I am finding the ICADs just the right thing. They are quickly done ( no more than an hour of actual time) and they challenge me to use things from my stash as most of my “good stuff” is already on Vancouver Island , waiting for me to use them this summer.

I started this card by giving it a good thick coat of gesso. Then before it dried I got out my dot stamp and stamped into the wet gesso. I grabbed my heat tool and applied heat ASAP so the imprints would not run together.  If you can look at the second picture you can see the texture that was left by the stamp. Just be sure to wash your stamp quickly. Also, I wouldn’t recommend using a fine stamp like a script stamp as it may get clogged.

IMG_5385 [3401272]             IMG_5386 [3401273]

While this dried completely I went on to stamp out some clock stamps on white paper using my StazOn black ink pad. I fussy cut them out. Of course since I wasn’t sure which one would work best I  cut out both. I then took black paint and painted the edges. I just wanted it to stand out a bit more.

IMG_5387 [3401274]                IMG_5393 [3401277]

I played around a bit with some wing stamps seeing if I could add them to the clock face to make ” time fly” . I wasn’t happy with the look so I selected a butterfly free printable. This one was just black and white so I got out some bright pink paint and painted it- pink, black and white. My full size Liquitex Basics are out west, so I am using these “baby” tubes.  These are a great size for trying out the Liquitex Basics to see if you are going to like using the thicker acrylic paint. I have heard so many people who were used to working with craft paint who bought Liquitex Basics or similar and just didn’t like how they worked. I love and use both, but you do need to experiment and find out how to use each. The little tubes that you purchase in different size sets are perfect for this.

IMG_5391 [3401275]             IMG_5392 [3401276]

Now that the gesso is completed dry I grab the 2 colors of Dylusions paints that were left behind; Calypso Teal and Cherry Pie. I used the Ranger blending foam to apply each color onto the card. I kept adding more layers, drying in between, until I was happy with the blend. Sorry, guess I “lost” the picture of the card before I added layers to it. I love using teal/turquoise and a pink color together. Where they blend together they create this lovely purple shade. Once dry I assembled all my bits and figured out how to arrange them. I sourced the sentiment from a dollar store sentiment sticker sheet from my stash. I cut it/altered it to fit my plan. Remember you decide how to use the items you bought. Nothing has to be used exactly as it was. If you look below you can see how the texture created by stamping into the wet gesso is highlighted when you add color over top.

IMG_5394 [3401278]I used gel medium matte to adhere all the pieces. Quite by accident I discovered that when you go over a shiny plastic sticker with matte medium the shine is greatly lessened.

I outlined the butterfly with my Stabilo All Pencil in black and activated with water to shade the butterfly. Next I grabbed my stylus and using the bigger end I made dots to show the “flight path” of the butterfly with pearl paint.  There’s a close up for you to see the texture and the dots.

IMG_5400 [3401284]

IMG_5401 [3401285]



IMG_5405 [3401286]

After I added some extra doodling with my silver Gelly Roll pen.  Time flies when you are having fun. Time flies when you are creating.   Wishing you all some happy creative times.


I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

If you like the ICAD tutorials, don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel. I’ve created a playlist where all of the videos are housed so its easier for you to find all of them. Here’s the link

Happy creating.


ICAD # 10- Make a Wish

IMG_2150 [3340234]

If you have ever had the experience of a good idea for a page going terribly wrong , you will be glad to know it happens to all of us. In true CreativeKady form I will show you not only the successful end result,but also the mishaps along the way.

IMG_2122 [3340213] IMG_2127 [3340215] IMG_2128 [3340216]

I started out by gessoing the flashcard that I am repurposing as an index card. I give it a couple coats over the numbers. Then I select some paper towel that I had colored with left over paint from another project. I rip up the paper  towel and adhere it to the card with Mod Podge Matt. As you can see you get a wonderfully textured background.

I apply flexible modeling paste through a stencil using my palette knife. I tape the stencil down with painters tape to ensure that the stencil doesn’t move. If you are observant you will notice that the direction of the stencil changes. I used too much modeling paste and it seeped under the stencil so I wiped it clean with several baby wipes and reapplied using less. I was able to do this easily because I had coated the paper towel with Mod Podge.

IMG_2129 [3340217] IMG_2130 [3340218]

I cleaned off the stencil onto another colored paper towel. Little did I know that I would be using this later on. Notice that there is less modeling paste on this one. I actually liked the effect it gave better.

IMG_2131 [3340219]

After letting the modeling paste dry I chose my quote and embellishments. I went into my stash and dug out some paper punches of two sizes of flowers. I painted them blue and fushia. I cut out leaves,stems and grass from gelli prints that were shades of green. I stamped out my new fairy stamp with black acrylic paint onto deli paper and fussy cut it out. I used acrylic paint rather than an ink pad as I wanted a darker print.  I printed out my quote and cut out the words.

IMG_2141 [3340222]                              IMG_2140 [3340221]

IMG_2143 [3340227]

I played around with placement until I was happy and then used gel medium matt to stick it all down. Now here is where it went terribly awry. I felt that the fairy was still too light. Yvonne gave me the idea of using embossing powder. Thinking I was oh so smart I used my Versamark pen to go over not only the fairy, but also the words. Can you say argh.  I lost the detail of the fairy and the whole thing just looked quite sad. I tried to outline flower petals with silver. ARGH. Everything I did , just didn’t work.

Since the idea of embossing the fairy to make it darker was a good one I decided to basically start over. I grabbed another flashcard and used Mod Podge to glue down that paper towel I has cleaned off the stencil onto.

IMG_2144 [3340228]

I used the fairy stamp with Versamark and black embossing powder. I reprinted my quote. I changed up my flowers to layer the smaller one on top of the larger one. I wrapped the petals around the end of my paint brush to shape them.  Below you can see the first card and the second one.  I am much happier with the second one. IMG_2146 [3340230]Here are some pictures of the second card. The quote ” sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” came to mind. I learned a few things that I will be able to use on future ICADS. More importantly I was able to finally create what was in my head.

IMG_2148 [3340232]               IMG_2150 [3340234]

Thanks for reading. Take time to become a follower of my blog on the right. See you next time. Until then, remember- never give up, keep creating and you will succeed. CreativeKady


I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

ICAD- Index Card a Day # 6


I am a teacher. That means June is busy, hectic and somewhat stressful at the best of times. This year is no exception. In fact, the stress and the business is multiplied a hundred fold as my husband and I will be relocating to Vancouver Island, BC. We are busy packing, cleaning, purging, etc etc etc. He leaves this Saturday.  Soooooooooooo, what do I do? I decide that this is a good time to take on the Index Card a Day challenge put on by .  Not only do the challenge but do blog posts and/or videos. Someone asked ” are you crazy” , but the way I see it, when I’m creating, I’m in my happy place. Doing art balances me and makes me feel better. So in taking this challenge I feel I am ensuring that I will keep doing art while the life around me spins.

I started this ICAD by taking an old pattern and crumpling it up and then  gluing with Mod Podge Matt to my ” index card” (a  deck of flashcards I decided to upcycle) . I repeated the process to get another layer. Since the numbers could still be seen through the pattern paper I applied a layer of white gesso.

IMG_5321 IMG_5323

While this was drying I stamped out the sentiment and focal point with StazOn black ink onto delli paper. I was undecided at this time what I was actually going to do. What I don’t use now I will save for another ICAD .


I picked out several colors of Inktense blocks and scribbled them lightest to darkest on the card. I then sprayed with water and activated and blended the colors with my fingers. I added more color until I was happy with it.



I then cut out my stamped images and sentiment. Notice that I chose not to use the sentiment exactly as it was. Make the most of your stamps and edit them as you need. Take bits and pieces from one stamp set and combine with others.


While I was arranging the image and sentiment I decided to take my Dylusions paint in color Pomegranate Seed and using the blending tool rub the color lightly over the high spots that the crumpled pattern paper created. Then I used Artist Loft Bronze to lightly go over top of that to add some shimmer.

IMG_5327 IMG_5328

Here’s a close up of the lovliness this created. Yummmmmy.


Now I adhered the image and sentiment with Gel Matt Medium and dried it


I decide to use the Dylusions paint to color the flowers and Inktense blocks to color the leaves and stem. This turned out too dark and I lost the linework.I used the Pilot Permaball black pen to go over the words and try to put some of the linework back.

IMG_5333                                   IMG_5334 IMG_5335

I attempted to add some detail by using my Stabilo All Pencil, but that didn’t make it better. I then used my white Uni ball Signo pen and outlined the flowers, stems and leaves. ( oops no picture). I did not like this any better so knowing that the Uniball Signo pen was not permanent I took it off  with a baby wipe. I noticed that the baby wipe took off some of the Dylusions dark burgundy paint so I rubbed a little harder and lightened the flowers. Okay, now I was happy with how it looked.  I painted over the words with Inktense blocks the same color as what was underneath it. This helped blend the deli paper into the card so it didn’t stand out so much. The last thing I did was use Stickles in the middle of each flower and outline the card with  Stickle dots. IMG_5338


I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Inktense Blocks 36-

Inktense Blocks 72  –

Gold Paint-

Dylusions Paint Pomegranate Seed