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Do It Yourself Phrase Stickers- ” Just Sayings” A Craft Hack

I used my custom DIY phrase stickers  ” Just Sayings” on these ATCs.

You may ask ” Why make your own phrase stickers when you could just go out and buy the ones by Tim Holtz or 7 Dots Studio? ”

Well for one, my “art dollars” are precious to me and I want to get lots of bang for my buck. There are way more fun art supplies out there that I would rather have.  Secondly, I want to personalize my stickers, select my font, size and words/phrases. Third, it is so easy to do.

First, collect words, phrases, quotes that appeal to you and your style ( sentimental, inspirational, sarcastic or funny. Pinterest is a great place to not only source but store these. Create a board for  quotes or phrases and then simply do theme specific searches and pin the ones you like to the board.  You can also pin pages your like that have phrases you like. It could not be any easier.  Don’t do Pinterest, do it old school and write them down in a notebook.

Second step, type the words, phrases quotes using your word processor. Don’t worry about the font at this time, just get all of them down.

Thirdly, choose the font you want to use. Your Word program comes with many fonts but you can easily download free fonts. I get mine at  You can go to the website which allows you to see what all the fonts look like so you can more easily choose.

Check out this Mixed Media Technique Tag video  which shows both how to download and install new fonts and how to use .

So once you have selected the font or fonts you wish to use. ( You are not limited to one type of font) play in your Word program and adjust sizes until you get what you like.  I aim to get a full page. Print off a trial sheet just to be sure you got the sizes and look you want.

Now you need to buy  full sheet white labels. Avery makes them, but  I bought dollar store version and they work well. Also, check out the Amazon links below. Watch the prices as some times you can get a real great deal ( Box of 100 for $25) . Get together with your creative friends and buy a big box together to get the great price.  Check out my Happy Planner Meets Mixed Media series to see many other uses for these sticker sheets.

Simply put your label sheet in your printer and press print. Now all you have to do is cut out the phrase you want , peel off the backing and stick it down.

As a special treat for my subscribers I am going to provide you with my latest DIY phrase stickers . I call them ” Just Sayings”.

Download and save on your computer. Open in your Word program. Unfortunately , the font I chose was lost when I made it a google doc. ( will have to find a way around this) So,if you want it to look exactly like mine, you will need to get the font LW Simple from Silhouette I used size 30 . Similar free fonts from include cookies and milk, fishfingers, and internet friends.  If not, you can choose the font and size for your stickers from fonts you have in your word program.

If you want to print it out with black background, go to top of Word program to where is says background color and select black.

Don’t have a printer at home?  You can save this to flash drive and take it to office supply store and have them print it out for you. I believe you can also email it to them to print off but you will have to check .


Check out ” CreativeKady Approved” supplies at my Amazon Store .
I pre-selected and organize art supplies into categories to make it easier for you.

Avery Full Sheet Label- box of 25
Avery Full Sheet Label – box of 100

These stickers are perfect to use on ATCs, ICADS, Tags , smaller journal pages and in your Happy Planner.  Have fun.




5 Mixed Media Applications For Your Happy Planner


This year I bought myself a Happy Planner. I chose it because I like the disc system that will allow me to add pages. I  planned to add brainstorming pages to keep track of my ideas for this blog and my YouTube channel. I also planned on punching some of my art journal pages and putting it into my planner to inspire me and show off my art. Then I was simply going to use the Happy Planner as a functional planner.  I loved the stickers you could buy and the notion of decorating/creating a theme. But I was NOT going to spend my art budget on those. I had a whole room full of art supplies. Then over the Christmas holidays in some downtime I watched a couple planner spread videos and it happened. I had the thought. ” I can use this” ” I bet this would work” And I was off.

I decided that I would decorate my planner  , but I would challenge myself to use supplies already in my art journaling/mixed media stash . I would also try to use art journaling/mixed media techniques.

Well its been almost 2 months now and I am loving designing my weekly spreads and then using my planner. I’ve made videos of each weekly spread where I promise to include at least one new mixed media supply use or technique.

In this blog I will list 5 of these techniques/ use of materials and link you to the weekly spread video. I’ve put the link to the supplies I used in these 5 Planner Hack ideas .

1.Gelli prints or papers with left over paint cut into sizes of box or strips.

img_72397444 img_72317445 img_72327446

Select your color scheme and either use double sided tape or glue stick to adhere to page.  I edged the boxes with my Stabilo All Pencil, but you can use Neo Color II or any watercolor pencil. Rub with finger to smudge or activate with a bit of water on a round paint brush.  You can leave these blank or you can print motivational quotes on them with Micron pen, White Uniball Signo or Posca Pens.  If the color on the gelli print is light enough you can plan on it, but if the color is dark or extremely busy it may just be used to add color to your spread.

2.Distress Ink  applied with Ranger Blending tool through a stencil .

img_72176739                         img_72357441

I created a template of the different size squares that I wanted to use by using exacto knife and a sheet of mylar. I punched the template with my Arc Paper Punch ( similar to Happy Planner punch) and keep it in the front of the planner for easy access. I place a stencil under the template and apply the ink. You can use one color or blend multiple colors.  You can easily write over the Distress Ink and if you want you can add doodles on the stencil during the week.

3. Use large stencils .

img_69826033 img_69796034

I used a large stencil to fill a corner of my planner spread. I used my Dylusions Paints and applied them with the Ranger Blending Tools. I used multiple colors and blended them on the page. The paint does not effect the planner pages and when dry is easy to write on during the planning stage.

4. Stamp  sentiment or picture stamps directly onto the spaces.

img_72377443 img_72347448

I used black StazOn. Now you can either color them while designing your page or color during the week. I colored mine using my Inktense Pencils. I activated the ink with a bit of water on a small round brush. A water brush would work well for this. The paper of the Happy Planner seems to handle a little bit of water well without buckling or warping. Be sure to test out your planner page with whatever marker or water brush you choose to ensure it doesn’t bleed through or warp.

5.Attach an ATC ( Artist Trading Card) onto each weekly spread.

img_71216132img_72196734 img_72337447

Alternatively I am using some pre-done backgrounds that were on ATCs and adding quotes. I have a binder full of inspirational quotes that I found on Pinterest. I typed them up and printed them in various sizes and fonts.

I hope you try some of these on your planner. Subscribe to my blog and you won’t miss upcoming Planner Hacks. 5 more coming next month.


VISIT MY AMAZON STORE- I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories.Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Items featured in doing these planner hacks

Dylusions Paints

Dylusions set 2

Distress Ink

Distress Ink

Distress Ink

Ranger Blending Tool-

Stabilo All Pencil Black-

Gelli plate –

Stampendous Peacock-




Peacock Feather TCW-

Kite Peacock Feather-

Sakura Gelly Roll Pens Metallic –

3rd Way to Maximize Your Stamping Dollars- Apply “Creativekady” and Getting Bang For Your Buck

Apply “creativekady” and Get Bang for Your Buck

Remember when I said that a lot of the focal point/picture  and sentiment stamps are too small to be used on art journal pages. Well I found a way around this, which makes all those $ 1.49 stamp packs , craft store dollar bin stamps and dollar store stamps all the more valuable. Not to mention getting your money’s worth from the more costly stamps you’ve invested in.

IMG_2701 (2)

IMG_2704 (2) IMG_2703 (2) IMG_2707

Here’s how I do this;

  1. I stamped the pictures and sentiments on paper, ensuring that I got a very clear stamp.
  2. I enlarged the stamped images and got several sizes of each.
  3. I cut and pasted them on a blank sheet-organizing them by size.
  4. I scanned these pages of images with the photocopier. This saves this as pdf.
  5. I save the pdf on my computer. I have several pdfs sorted by size, small, medium, large.
  6. Now when I’m creating and wanting a certain picture or sentiment I click on the pdf that contains the size I want.have, and print them on either regular copy paper, slightly heavier paper or onto deli or tracing paper.

Here’s the link to my YouTube video showing how to copy onto tracing/deli paper

Having   a whole page  of images/sentiments , means I am not wasting deli/tracing paper. I cut the extras out and place them in my Big Blue Box, file system for another project. Here’s the link to that video.

Sentiment Stamps

I love all the cute sayings that you find on many stamp sets. But it’s rare that I like every one of them or want to spend money on something that I may not use more than once. Here’s an alternative .Search sentiment stamps online on Amazon or other online sources  and write out the sayings or quotes you like then and then either print it yourself or if you’re like me and don’t like your l lettering download free fonts and print it off on deli or tracing paper.

Here is the link to “It’s All About da Font” blog article

Play Mix and Match with the sentiment stamps you may already have. Stamp them on paper then cut words apart to make word bank. Choose from them to create your own saying. Because many of them will have different fonts, it will look amazing.

Develop a “creationship” with a fellow mixed media artist/art journaler. Have a stamping date where both of you bring your stamps and switch. You stamp theirs on white paper or on deli paper, and they do the same with yours. Cut them apart and file to be used at a later date.


 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Save time and go directly to the stamp category


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Happy Stamping




2nd Way to Maximize Your Stamping Dollars- Selective Sourcing and Purchasing of Stamps

Selective Sourcing  and Purchasing of Stamps

You need to be smart when buying stamps. I refuse to pay full price for any art material and that goes for stamps too. First off I check out our local dollar store for stamps. All dollar stores, I’ve been in carry the same line and often you can get a set of clear stamps for under $3. I was hesitant at first, but they work great. Here are some of the clear stamp collections I’ve picked up there.

IMG_2704 (2)     IMG_2703 (2)

Another place to check out is the dollar bins at Michaels or your big box  craft stores. I know at Michaels every season has its own selection of wood mounted stamps and I’ve taken advantage of them. Here are some of the ones I’ve purchased for about one dollar each.

IMG_2701 (2)

Let’s not forget the coupons. You can get the coupons in the mail, find them online or even have them delivered to your smart phone. I never head to the city without checking to see what the deals are. I’ve heard from some of my American followers that some of the craft stores will even accept competitors coupons. I’ve also read that most of the same craft stores offer discounts to teachers, seniors ( age as low as 50) and military. Always ask as it isn’t always advertised.

Check out children’s art supplies. Often they have stamps and stencils at reduced price point.I have purchased some letter stamps from here.Always be on the look out as you never know where you may find them.  I buy many little stamp collections for $1.49 that have a cute picture and sentiment. I find these in a small town drug store. Always be on the look out. These are from Hot Off The Press and are available on their web page.


I’ve also gotten some “deals” on Amazon, but there is a trick to successfully purchasing on Amazon. As it is somewhat long and applies to all art supplies, I will save this for a future blog article.

Selective purchasing is also key when deciding to spend your hard earned/saved money. Here’s what I recommend as valuable versatile purchases.  Look at a stamp and ask yourself ” How often will I use this stamp?” ” Is this a one timer or does it have multiple uses on a wide variety of types of pages” The latter are the type of stamps that are worth getting on sale for 40-50% off. lol

I have a couple of such stamps and I recommend to all mixed media artists. One is a script stamp, the other a foliage block stamp , which has 4 types of foliage on each side. If you’ve watched any of my videos, chances are you will see me using these.  Tim Holtz / Dylusions has some great quality background stamps, but I find these lines to be expensive, so I definitely don’t buy unless I get a great discount. Here are pictures of my favorite ” go to ” stamps”. All of these were purchased at Michael’s either with a 50% off coupon or BOGO deal.

IMG_2699 (2)

I hate to admit it, but I did pay full price for this Tim Holtz stamp set. The reason for this is that it is very versatile and can be used on a wide variety of themed pages. These are all background stamps.


I also recommend getting at least one set of upper and lower case stamps so you can stamp out any quote ( if your like me and don’t like your lettering). I got this set from Michaels, and yes I did get it 50% off. I liked it because while it isn’t strictly upper and lower case letters, there are 2 sizes and you can mix and match them.

The picture/focal point stamps, as expected, contain pictures for example a Christmas tree, poinsetia, birds etc. Often these are on a smaller scale than those you would want to use on a journal page. They will work well on Artist Trading Cards ATCs, ICADS ( Index Cards), or if making a mixed media greeting card.  But wait, don’t write off buying these stamps. All you need to do is apply a little “creativekady” .


 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Save time and go directly to the stamp category

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Happy Stamping



1st Way to Maximize Your Stamping Dollars-DIY Stamp Creation

I’m just going to put it right out there stamps are expensive, too expensive for me to buy as many as I would like that’s for sure.  So what’s a mixed media artist to do if you like the effect that stamps and stamping can give you?

Well you can do the 3 things I do:

  1.  DIY stamp creation
  2.  Selective sourcing  and purchasing of stamps
  3.  Apply “creativekady” and ensure you get bang for your stamping buck

DIY Stamp Creation

Repeat after me, ” I do not need to buy stamps. I can create them on my own with things I have at home or things I can buy at my local dollar store. ” And then I can spend money on other kinds of stamps.

A stamp is simply an item that  can pick up ink or paint and apply it to another surface in some kind of pattern or design. Look around your house you have tons of things you could use.

There are three basic kind of stamps as far as I can tell : 1) background or texture stamps,2) focal point/picture stamps and 3) letter or word stamps ( sentiment stamps).

You can easily create background/texture stamps with things you have at home or can buy at your local dollar store.


I have a box of “stamps” in my art room. It contains an assortment of mark making tools that I can use both on an art journal page/canvas or on my gelli plate. These are treasured items such as toliet paper rolls, medicine bottles, the oval from the top of my deoderant, lid from hair spray, keurig coffee pod, nail polish bottle ( square bottom). I could go on, but you get my drift.

IMG_2701                    IMG_2699

All of these DIY stamps have been made with fun foam. I either bought fun foam shapes and adhered them to rollers, cardboard or little bottles or I cut up fun foam and made my own shapes to adhere. When I put it on cardboard I usually glue at least 2 or three layers of cardboard as it gives you more to hold on to when stamping.

The last picture has cardboard/foam board on which I have glued shapes cut out of fun foam on a Big Shot Machine.If you don’t have one , maybe a friend does and will let you use.

IMG_2702                  IMG_2703

There are many YouTube videos and pinterest pins that tell how to make your own DIY stamps. My friend Yvonne and I made a series of 3 DIY Stamp Videos. Many of the stamps you see above are made during these videos.  Here’s the link to those videos.



 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Save time and go directly to the stamp category


Want to read Part 2 in this series .” Selective Sourcing and Purchasing of Stamps”  Click on the link below.

Happy Stamping


Top 10 Ways to Use Your Stencils: Getting Bang for Your Buck

When I started doing mixed media and art journaling about one year ago, I was intrigued by the vast array of wonderful products that I saw being used in the YouTube videos. I felt that I needed to have all of it. Of course, this is when my character trait of being practical kicked in, not to mention my budget. My question  then became ” which product could I get the most bang for my buck from?” For me to buy something , it needed to have multiple uses. It needed to be usable for creating small ATCs and larger journal pages. It needed to be usable in a variety of ways. In other words it  had to be versatile.

If you watched my videos you will have perhaps taken note of the large collection of stencils that I have. In fact, I’ve been offered the opportunity to send my stencils away for a “play date” with other artists both near and far. I have accumulated a lot of stencils because they give me the “bang for my buck” I demand from my purchases.

10 Ways to Use Your Stencils ( bought or homemade)

  1.   Use acrylic paint with make up sponge or dabber through stencil.

2.    Spray homemade or purchased sprays through the  stencil . See this  in the second part of this homemade spray video.

3.  Flip over stencil after spraying with spray and place on paper for reverse print.

4.  After applying color onto a page with sprays or Inktense Blocks put on a stencil and remove color through the stencil with a baby wipe.  Click this link to see a video showing this

5.  After painting with acrylics- with paint still wet…put on stencil and wipe out paint through stencil with a baby wipe. You will have to act quickly before it dries.

6.  Put modelling paste or gesso ( white or colored) through stencil and add texture. Click on this link and go to around minute 18 to see this.

7.  Put gel medium through stencil. Tinting with color or clear. It t will act as a resist.

8.  Put stencil on page and trace with permanent pen. Doodle or Zentangle in shape. If large stencil of item for example a flower draw out onto gelli print or other paper and then cut out and collage flower.

9.  Use stencils with your gelli plate to make gelli prints. Put acrylic paint on gelli plate with brayer. Put on stencil. Put on paper and do first pull of a print. Take off stencil and get second pull. Use different stencils and get a layered gelli print. See video link listed on use number 10.

10.  Make diy texture plates to use when making gelli prints . See my video by clicking here

Bonus- whatever use remember you don’t have to use the stencil as it is. You can isolate a certain part by covering up parts you don’t want.Look at your stencils through new eyes and see if there is a part you can use . For example a star or flower in the middle of the stencil.


I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Save time and go directly to the stencil category


If you have any other uses for stencils, please leave a comment telling us about it. Now go, get out your stencils and  use them in a new way.

Creative Kady


Looking at Your Supplies Differently Can Produce Beautiful Results

As mixed media artist or art journalists we love to buy stuff. Lots of wonderful , wonderful stuff. We buy stencils and stamps. We buy sprays and tubes of paint. We have watercolor, acrylics , and oil pastels. To name, but a few.

But do we get our money’s worth from these products?  Since I’ve started one of my most favorite creative endeavors is to re-purpose materials and use them in a multitude of ways. I also love to share it with other creative types. I believe I spend enough money on art supplies and if I can save a few bucks, then I’m there.

I have done several videos on YouTube under the playlist Craft Hacks. Click on this link and you will be taken to the playlist where all the videos are.

In this post I will share a couple Craft Hacks that I stumbled upon, just because I looked at my materials in a new way. LOL they say necessity is the mother of invention.

I was making Christmas cards. As I checked out YouTube and Pinterest I noticed several items where the ornaments were hanging on a wire. Well I don’t have that stamp set and while I am not good at drawing , I figured that I could draw that ( if I had a picture to go by).  So that was my intent. Then I went down to my studio and ended up organizing my work table. I decided to move off a lot of the supplies that had taken over the spot.IMG_2591

I grabbed this stencil that my sister-in-law Julie had sent me in some Happy Mail. I had never found a purpose for it, but liked the swirls and it had a straight edge, so I kept it. It didn’t fit in my stencil storage place which is why it was just hanging out.


Do you see it? The swirls. I used this stencil to make the ribbon the ornaments hang on in this Christmas card. I will definitely be using this again. The video showing how I made this card can be found by following this link.

The other thing that I looked at in a different light was this stamp that I bought at Michael’s. It has three stamps in one.

IMG_2586 IMG_2587

I decided to use the larger one as a window or frame for a focal point in a card. Look at the cards I made using it in this way.


This card I embossed the large circle stamp and snowflake with silver embossing powder. The background I created using one color of Inktense Block. I got lots of pigment out of the block as I wanted a darker color. I then sprinkled regular table salt onto the wet color. I dried it with my heat tool as I’m too impatient to wait. I then stamped the sentiment over and over to get the pattern effect. I used my blue StazOn inkpad. I love how the blue and pink  with the silver look.

IMG_2571 On this card I used the plastic wrap technique. I used the eggplant Recollections brand embossing powder. I used a circle cut out of a colored coffee filter for the ornament. I stamped and embossed it with a snowflake stamp. I used my Versamark pen to go around the ornament. I embossed it with silver. As a final touch I splattered watered down white paint.

So go now to your studio and look at your materials. See them not only for the purpose they were created or the way you have used it. Look at part of a stencil or a stamp. Ask yourself if you can use it in a different way.  Then come back here and tell us all.