Get Ready for More Mixed Media Technique Tags


In December of 2016 I launched the “Mixed Media Technique Tag” series on YouTube. In June I posted the 16th video in the series before taking a “break” to participate in the Index Card a Day Challenge 2017 that is created by Daisy Yellow. ( Yes, there are videos to accompany that journey)

In the MMTT  series I  demonstrate mixed media/art journaling techniques, tips, or tidbits.   I provide YouTube tutorial showing you the technique with several variations.  Not only will you learn mixed media techniques, but you will get inspired to try new things and to do your own experimentation. If you choose to make the tags, you will also have a complete Mixed Media Technique reference tool.

As I prepare to start up the Mixed Media Technique Tag series again I will link up the past Mixed Media Technique Tag videos so you can start , catch up or just refresh. Enjoy

Mixed Media Technique Tags ” Let’s Get Started” 

I organized the tags into 6 categories- Pattern, Texture, Color, Collage, Finishing and Other. Please go to this link to get more information about this series and get instructions on how to “get ready” for series.

MMTT#1 Designer Tissue Paper

Use your homemade or purchased stamps to create your own one of a kind tissue paper that you can use to add to any of your mixed media projects.

MMTT#2  Tags for Texture

Tags, tags, and more tags….clothing tags, shipping tags, punched tags, business cards. These little gems can be used to create amazing texture on your mixed media projects.

MMTT # 3  Paper Towel to Create Texture
Many of us use paper towel to mop up left over paint, but did you know it can be used to add amazing texture to your mixed media projects?


Come share your mixed media journey and join the “creationships”

Facebook Group: “All Things Mixed Media:CreativeKady…



CreativeKady/Karen Burchill




3 thoughts on “Get Ready for More Mixed Media Technique Tags

  1. Kelley D

    I absolutely love this series. I often watch them repeatedly. I have yet to do my own set, but this gets me motivated to finally get it started. Thank you for all the time and teaching you put into these videos!


    1. creativekady Post author

      Oh Kelley. You just made my day. I hope you do get started on your own set. I find that I go back to mine as well for ideas and inspiration. As I prepare to continue with more MMTT is there anything you can think of that you would like to see me do? Always open to ideas. Thanks so much for watching and reading and taking the time to comment. Means the world to me and keeps me going. Karen


  2. Kelley D

    I really enjoyed watching you use the gel plate, so some more of that would be great. Also, I have started making junk journals, and would like to find a way to incorporate some of my artwork into the journals. I think tags would be a great option. Most of the journals tend to be vintage or shabby chic in style. So anything possibly related to this would be oh so helpful!



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