10 Reasons to Create Your Own Designer Tissue Papers- Mixed Media Technique Tag #1

10 Reasons to Create Your Own Designer Tissue Papers

  1.  Save money.  Who doesn’t want to do that. I’ve always loved the brand name tissue paper, but would not allow myself to spend my art dollars on it. To do this technique you can buy dollar store tissue paper or coffee filters , use backing of napkins , and  pattern paper  from your stash or found at thrift store .
  2. Maximize use of your stamps or all sizes. Many of our stamps are under utilized. This gives us an opportunity to get bang for our art buck. I don’t know about you, but there’s always one or two stamps in a set that doesn’t get much play.  Also, there are stamps that are too small to use on art journal pages but within this technique can shine.  Once you start to play with your stamps you will be surprised with the wonderful results.
  3. Uniqueness. Create something completely unique that can reflect your style or coordinate with  the theme of your page. The possibilities are endless. And unlike purchased ones every tissue page will be different. There will be no repeat pattern.
  4. Portability. Easy to take to “create dates” or when traveling – you can simply take the lightweight tissue paper and not the inks, acrylic blocks, stamps etc.
  5. Saves time. Once you have it in your stash, it cuts the time needed to complete a page. Simply adhere to your page and you’ve got several steps done.
  6. It’s a two-for.  When you apply the tissue paper , you can also add in physical texture by allowing it to wrinkle.
  7. Easy and quick. Once set up to stamp the tissue paper, you can get a lot done in one sitting.
  8. A fun project to do on a create date. Get together with your friends and their stamps and share.
  9. You can stamp with different colors ink; black, brown, blue etc.
  10.  Your designer papers can be used during any stage of creating a page, ICAD, ATC or canvas.

Bonus reason…it truly is fail safe.

Video showing the steps to this technique and some variations can be found at this link.

Here are pictures of my tags using this technique with the summary beside it. You can write your own summary being explicit as you want or copy what I did. Whichever works better for you. The printable for this can be found in a previous blog post.

This one was done on pattern paper. No paint under or on top. Loving the vintage look.

fullsizerender-copy-2              fullsizerender-copy-3

This tag was done on tissue paper with acrylic paint washed over it.

fullsizerender-copy-5            fullsizerender-copy-6

This last tag was stamped on napkin liner or backing. Dylusions paints were put on before adhering the paper. The napkin liner gives a “frosted” look that I love.

fullsizerender-copy-4            fullsizerender5577

I hope you give this technique a try. When you do, please come join the “creationships” in my facebook group allthingsmixedmedia:creativekady and share.

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Next Mixed Media Technique Tag will be in the Texture category and is scheduled to go public on Sunday January 22nd.

Yours Creatively    CreativeKady





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