ICAD #35 / Try It Tuesday Prompt Stick Challenge # 13- ” Sometimes the Smallest Things”

Combining the ICAD challenge and the Try It Tuesday Prompt Stick Challenge when I can helps me be able to cope with all the balls I am presently juggling.  Some would say, ” why would you do art , when you have so many other things going on”  . The truth of the matter is, the act of creating, of doing art and providing tutorials for others calms me. I’ve said it before , but I will say it again. Doing art/creating calms me, takes away the stresses and helps me cope.  It is very definitely my happy place. A place where the hours just fly by. Where all life’s drama and stress just cease to exist. And so I create.

IMG_4808 [356340]

Try It Tuesday #13 Prompts

Use the following: sprays, gel medium, found objects, collage with a mask ( black or white) and your own lettering.

My found object is the paper towel that I used to clean off the blending tools after using dylusions paints. I ripped up the paper towel and adhered it with gel medium.

IMG_5454         IMG_5455

I then used three colors of Lindy’s Starburst sprays. These are two toned where the spray is one color and the mica powder is another. They give amazing shimmer.

IMG_5456 [150919]

See the close up below. What amazing texture from the paper towel and the collage technique. Look at the shimmer caught in all the nick and crannies. YUMMMY.

IMG_5458 [150921]

I used one of Dina Wakely’s bird stamps and made a mask. I placed the mask on the card and using white acrylic paint I stamped  all the way around the mask to give a halo kind of effect. I went on the computer and played around with some of my newly downloaded free fonts  until I liked what I saw. I printed this out. Since the last prompt was to use your own handwriting I printed out the words onto deli paper while looking at the original that I printed out. I think that still counts as your own handwriting. I figure practicing like this eventually will get me brave enough to just do it all by myself. I also added a little stamped heart which I placed so it would look like the bird’s wing.

IMG_5459 [150922]                         IMG_5460 [150923]

I outlined the words , the bird and the edge  with my blue ( yes I said blue) Stabilo All Pencil and then activated it with water and my little round brush.

IMG_5461 [150924]

Looking at the card I felt that it was missing something. I decided to paint the heart red to make it really pop. Why does it pop- that’s what complimentary colors do- they make each other pop.  ( red and green are complimentary)

I hope this tutorial makes  you want to create and go to your happy place.      CreativeKady



 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

IMG_5494 [150908]

Other ICADs can be found at this link to my Youtube playlist


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