ICAD # 25 Step By Step ” Seize the Day “

Before I tell how I created ICAD # 25 I  wanted to talk about something else.

I’ve had a bit of a rough go of things lately.  You all know how busy things have gotten for me. End of school year. Almost retiring- so packing up/ getting rid of teacher stuff. Relocating to retirement home – getting house ready to sell, packing, purging and preparing. What you may not know is that through the last month I’ve also been dealing with severe back and knee pain. Truly I am not saying this to get you to feel sorry for me. I am saying it to point out the great benefit I get from going into the creating zone.

The Index Card A Day was just the right thing for me this June. It gave me a purpose. I promised to do all 61 ICADs  and I promised to blog or video them and share them on Facebook.  Now I know the ICAD , YouTube or Facebook  police were not going to come and demand I fulfill my card a day promise and I could easily have given up. But that’s not me. A promise is a promise. That promise was enough to get me to the art table.

When I sat down at the art table something wonderful happened. As I started to create I discovered that creating art was a powerful “pain killer” . I forgot about all the things I need to do, but can’t do. I forgot about all the uncertainty in my present situation. For a few hours every day I was able to escape it all and just be happy. I wish this for all of you.

IMG_5476 [150892]

As usual I prepare the flashcards by applying a couple layers of gesso. When I do this I typically do 3-5 of them. Just going through the motion of “painting” puts me into creative mode and I start to get ideas for what I am going to do. When I am stuck this is one of my go to activities for this very reason.

IMG_5477 [150893]

I applied two colors of Dylusions paints; Cut Grass and London Blue. I applied them with the blending tool and blended until I liked what I saw. I wanted sky above and grass below.

IMG_5479 [150895]

Next I taped one of my new stencils over it. I find just a couple strips of painters tape can help me prevent seepage under the stencil . I purchased this stencil in the home decor area of Michaels.

IMG_5480 [150896]

Using my palette knife I applied Flexible Modeling Paste. I dried what you see above and then moved the stencil to get the “lattice-like” effect down the middle as well. Because the modeling paste wasn’t exactly even some of it was less than white , so I took my Big Brush Pitt marker in white and went over they lattice so it was all a bright white.


IMG_5502 [386744]

Once the lattice effect was done I went looking for flowers/vines to put climbing up the lattice. In my search I came across these butterfly free printable. I did some fussy cutting and played around with placement. When I have something I like I take a picture with my phone. Looking on the phone gives a slightly different perspective and I find I can compare several different compositions which allows me to select the best one. The red-orange of the butterflies really pop against this background . If you check your color wheel , you will know why- they are complimentary colors to the background. I glued the butterflies down with matt medium. I only put it in the middle so the butterfly wings stick up and give a 3D effect.

IMG_5504 [386746]

Needing something more I painted over the butterflies with Liquitex Pouring Medium. This gives the butterflies a shine that makes them stand out even more. Warning, let the pouring medium dry on its own. I attempted to use a heat tool and caused the liquid to bubble ( even though I was not overly close) . I did not like the effect of the bubbles as I want a smooth glossy surface. Guess I had a lesson to learn.

You can see the finished ICAD below. I selected a quote from my dollar store stickers that matched the color of the butterflies as well as the feel of the card.


 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.


Posca Pen- white – http://amzn.to/2aSvvpi

Liquitex Pouring Medium-  http://amzn.to/2b7lqaT

Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste- http://amzn.to/2aSxbiF

Acrylic Paints    http://astore.amazon.com/creativekad05-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=1

Dylusions Paints     http://amzn.to/2ckMYrw

IMG_5513 [386747]           Want to see the other ICADs I created? Click on this link and it will take you to my ICAD playlist in YouTube.

7 thoughts on “ICAD # 25 Step By Step ” Seize the Day “

  1. Karin Carter

    Karen…..that is a beautiful read! and yes, it does have the ability to take our minds off of just about anything and I’m sure glad it did for you x as for the card,…..it’s just gorgeous…love it! Thanks for this lovely blog post xoxox


    1. creativekady Post author

      Sorry, I wrote a reply , but must have not hit send. I don’t have a link sorry. I went onto Pinterest and did a search for ” butterfly free printables”. If you do this, you will get a variety of pins. click on the pin and it will take you to the internet page where you will be able to print the butterflies. Warning, some pins do not take you to a page ( I refer to this as a dead pin) . Good luck. Karen



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