ICAD # 13 Step by Step Tutorial “Time Flies”

IMG_5399 [3401283]

Truer words were never spoken. Time flies when you are having fun. Time flies too when your dreams are about to come true. So much to do. So much to think about. So what do I do- go down to my studio. It’s the only room in the house that is not “staged” for the purpose of selling the house and escape into the act of creation.  I am finding the ICADs just the right thing. They are quickly done ( no more than an hour of actual time) and they challenge me to use things from my stash as most of my “good stuff” is already on Vancouver Island , waiting for me to use them this summer.

I started this card by giving it a good thick coat of gesso. Then before it dried I got out my dot stamp and stamped into the wet gesso. I grabbed my heat tool and applied heat ASAP so the imprints would not run together.  If you can look at the second picture you can see the texture that was left by the stamp. Just be sure to wash your stamp quickly. Also, I wouldn’t recommend using a fine stamp like a script stamp as it may get clogged.

IMG_5385 [3401272]             IMG_5386 [3401273]

While this dried completely I went on to stamp out some clock stamps on white paper using my StazOn black ink pad. I fussy cut them out. Of course since I wasn’t sure which one would work best I  cut out both. I then took black paint and painted the edges. I just wanted it to stand out a bit more.

IMG_5387 [3401274]                IMG_5393 [3401277]

I played around a bit with some wing stamps seeing if I could add them to the clock face to make ” time fly” . I wasn’t happy with the look so I selected a butterfly free printable. This one was just black and white so I got out some bright pink paint and painted it- pink, black and white. My full size Liquitex Basics are out west, so I am using these “baby” tubes.  These are a great size for trying out the Liquitex Basics to see if you are going to like using the thicker acrylic paint. I have heard so many people who were used to working with craft paint who bought Liquitex Basics or similar and just didn’t like how they worked. I love and use both, but you do need to experiment and find out how to use each. The little tubes that you purchase in different size sets are perfect for this.

IMG_5391 [3401275]             IMG_5392 [3401276]

Now that the gesso is completed dry I grab the 2 colors of Dylusions paints that were left behind; Calypso Teal and Cherry Pie. I used the Ranger blending foam to apply each color onto the card. I kept adding more layers, drying in between, until I was happy with the blend. Sorry, guess I “lost” the picture of the card before I added layers to it. I love using teal/turquoise and a pink color together. Where they blend together they create this lovely purple shade. Once dry I assembled all my bits and figured out how to arrange them. I sourced the sentiment from a dollar store sentiment sticker sheet from my stash. I cut it/altered it to fit my plan. Remember you decide how to use the items you bought. Nothing has to be used exactly as it was. If you look below you can see how the texture created by stamping into the wet gesso is highlighted when you add color over top.

IMG_5394 [3401278]I used gel medium matte to adhere all the pieces. Quite by accident I discovered that when you go over a shiny plastic sticker with matte medium the shine is greatly lessened.

I outlined the butterfly with my Stabilo All Pencil in black and activated with water to shade the butterfly. Next I grabbed my stylus and using the bigger end I made dots to show the “flight path” of the butterfly with pearl paint.  There’s a close up for you to see the texture and the dots.

IMG_5400 [3401284]

IMG_5401 [3401285]



IMG_5405 [3401286]

After I added some extra doodling with my silver Gelly Roll pen.  Time flies when you are having fun. Time flies when you are creating.   Wishing you all some happy creative times.


I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.


If you like the ICAD tutorials, don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel. I’ve created a playlist where all of the videos are housed so its easier for you to find all of them. Here’s the link

Happy creating.


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