ICAD # 10- Make a Wish

IMG_2150 [3340234]

If you have ever had the experience of a good idea for a page going terribly wrong , you will be glad to know it happens to all of us. In true CreativeKady form I will show you not only the successful end result,but also the mishaps along the way.

IMG_2122 [3340213] IMG_2127 [3340215] IMG_2128 [3340216]

I started out by gessoing the flashcard that I am repurposing as an index card. I give it a couple coats over the numbers. Then I select some paper towel that I had colored with left over paint from another project. I rip up the paper  towel and adhere it to the card with Mod Podge Matt. As you can see you get a wonderfully textured background.

I apply flexible modeling paste through a stencil using my palette knife. I tape the stencil down with painters tape to ensure that the stencil doesn’t move. If you are observant you will notice that the direction of the stencil changes. I used too much modeling paste and it seeped under the stencil so I wiped it clean with several baby wipes and reapplied using less. I was able to do this easily because I had coated the paper towel with Mod Podge.

IMG_2129 [3340217] IMG_2130 [3340218]

I cleaned off the stencil onto another colored paper towel. Little did I know that I would be using this later on. Notice that there is less modeling paste on this one. I actually liked the effect it gave better.

IMG_2131 [3340219]

After letting the modeling paste dry I chose my quote and embellishments. I went into my stash and dug out some paper punches of two sizes of flowers. I painted them blue and fushia. I cut out leaves,stems and grass from gelli prints that were shades of green. I stamped out my new fairy stamp with black acrylic paint onto deli paper and fussy cut it out. I used acrylic paint rather than an ink pad as I wanted a darker print.  I printed out my quote and cut out the words.

IMG_2141 [3340222]                              IMG_2140 [3340221]

IMG_2143 [3340227]

I played around with placement until I was happy and then used gel medium matt to stick it all down. Now here is where it went terribly awry. I felt that the fairy was still too light. Yvonne gave me the idea of using embossing powder. Thinking I was oh so smart I used my Versamark pen to go over not only the fairy, but also the words. Can you say argh.  I lost the detail of the fairy and the whole thing just looked quite sad. I tried to outline flower petals with silver. ARGH. Everything I did , just didn’t work.

Since the idea of embossing the fairy to make it darker was a good one I decided to basically start over. I grabbed another flashcard and used Mod Podge to glue down that paper towel I has cleaned off the stencil onto.

IMG_2144 [3340228]

I used the fairy stamp with Versamark and black embossing powder. I reprinted my quote. I changed up my flowers to layer the smaller one on top of the larger one. I wrapped the petals around the end of my paint brush to shape them.  Below you can see the first card and the second one.  I am much happier with the second one. IMG_2146 [3340230]Here are some pictures of the second card. The quote ” sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” came to mind. I learned a few things that I will be able to use on future ICADS. More importantly I was able to finally create what was in my head.

IMG_2148 [3340232]               IMG_2150 [3340234]

Thanks for reading. Take time to become a follower of my blog on the right. See you next time. Until then, remember- never give up, keep creating and you will succeed. CreativeKady


I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.


2 thoughts on “ICAD # 10- Make a Wish

  1. craftyd

    Always maddening when you get that far and have to start over. Could you stamp your fairy on another paper and glue over the top maybe with some dimensionals to bump it out a little. I do love how the second one turned out.



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