Step by Step Tutorial: Try It Tuesday Challenge # 9

Every second Tuesday I post  the prompt stick challenge Try It Tuesday. This Tuesday the challenge included

  1. Use Liquitex Basics
  2. Use colored coffee filters or paper towels
  3. Stamp into wet acrylic paint
  4. Tree or outside theme
  5. Collage technique
  6. Doodle flowers or vines

IMG_5080 [168903]

After I gessoed my page  I applied Sap Green paint before the gesso was dry. Then I tool my foliage stamp and stamped into the wet paint. See the texture that it created. Then I applied the green to the stamp and stamped over the surface.

IMG_5082 [168905]

Here’s a close up of the texture. Love those layers.

IMG_5083 [168906]

The next step I applied a couple colors of blue to the sky and then stamped into the wet paint with my homemade spiral stamp. Here’s the link to the YouTube video where I made the stamp. It’s super easy.

IMG_5084 [168907]      IMG_5087 [168914] IMG_5088 [168915]

Yummy. Then I grabbed some Prussian Blue and applied it to the spiral stamp and stamped darker spirals. I followed this by doing the same with silver acrylic paint. Can’t have too many layers. Check out the close up above to see the pattern and texture the wet acrylic makes when you stamp into it

.IMG_5090 [168916]      IMG_5092 [168917]

IMG_5093 [168918]

The background is done. Sky above, grass below. I’m Now it’s time to get out those lovely colored paper towels and coffee filters. Whenever I have left over paint I clean it up with paper towel or coffee filters which are great to use when doing collage. IMG_5094 [168924]

I selected colors for my flowers and ripped up different papers/tones etc. Then I collaged them with mod podge onto white paper. When dry I doodled flowers ( I cheated and used a stencil) and then cut them out.

IMG_5095 [168925]    IMG_5096 [168926]

I arranged the flowers on the page and glued them on with mod podge. I cut out stems and leaves from paper towels or gelli prints.

IMG_5098 [168928]

Here are some close ups of the amazing layers and texture I was able to create.

IMG_5099 [169034] IMG_5105 [169037] IMG_5106 [169038]

Join me with my next post to see how I transform this page with details.

Creative Kady

One thought on “Step by Step Tutorial: Try It Tuesday Challenge # 9

  1. Karin Carter

    Love Love Love that Karen 😀 and what a great idea to stamp into the gesso first and than again with the green applied…Brilliant! Looking forward to the next post 😀 xxx



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