Motivation Monday IQ+ Card # 7



Use this IQ+ Card  (Inspirational Quote Plus) to get inspiration for your next gelli printing session, art journal page or mixed media project. It is triangular in shape and that means it has at least 3 ways to inspire you.

  1. Use the inspirational quote:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I love this quote for so many reasons. Often we complain about things in our life and in things around us forgetting we have the power to change things . Sometimes we can change things just with an attitude change. Other times we can work to make the world a better place. Doing simple things like smiling at people, complimenting a clerk for their good service or help or just taking the time to just ask someone else how their day is going.  There is another quote saying ” what you look for is what you get” Attitude is everything.    IMG_1754 [436646]         IMG_1751 [436647]                                                In the page I created I did a two page spread. On the first page the girl is standing in the rain, possibly bemoaning the fact that it’s raining. If you look at the umbrella it makes a frown.  On the second page the girl puts down the – umbrella- see how it now makes a smile and the sun comes out. Some days we just have to make our own sunshine and when we do others benefit as well.
  2. Use the  color combination or color scheme .  We are definitely in the warm colors on this page with red, yellow and orange. I also used a burgundy color. IMG_4747 [2370510]  If you look at the color wheel you can see the 5 colors on the bottom. These five colors are analogous. If you use 3-5 of these on a page they can be blended without fear of making mud and they will look good.   I used my Dylusions paints to create the background on this page, but don’t worry the same effect can be done with acrylics or even sprays. You just have to adjust to the medium you have. 941361_10153692772278124_6195128522781198190_n I applied the paint with the Ranger blending pads that I attached with velcro to my repurposed old teacher stamps. You can attach them to wooden thread spools or wooden handles bought at lumber store. You don’t have to buy the blending tool.  I applied the 4 colors to the page without gesso. I would use gesso if I used other acrylic paints. I dried the page and added more color, blending until I liked the page. Then I got out my  stamps and stencils which brings us to the next step.IMG_1753 [436648]


3.   Use the patterns/designs and get  some great ideas on how to use patterns to create effective layering.   The first thing I did was stamp all over with the darker color applied to my script stamp.  Since the IQ+ card was made with a Crafter’s Workshop stencil that has circles, lines and triangles  I used a variety of stencils to create my page. I applied the Dylusions paint with the blending tool through the stencil. I used the lightest color and stenciled over background colors that were darker, I used the darker colors and stenciled over lighter areas. At times I used the same stencil and two different colors- look above to see the yellow circles and red circles to see what I mean.  To add a little bling I used my homemade funky star stamp and gold acrylic paint. I then used silhouette stencils for the girls and the umbrellas. The sentiment stamps I had purchased for $ 1.50 from our dollar store. Can we all say “score”. There was white on the IQ+ card so I outlined the black stenciled in parts.IMG_1752 [436645]             IMG_1750


                                                                                                                                                                      Use  any or all of the three  inspirational prompts to  create you own wonderful page.   Please be sure to post your creations that were inspired by this deck on the Facebook Group in the Motivation Monday album.    allthingsmixedmedia:CreativeKady  . I would love you to join the “creationships” that are being developed there.

CreativeKady/Karen Burchill

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