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As some of you may remember, this year is a big transition year for me. After 30 years of teaching I will be retiring. I am spending some of my time looking over my “teacher tools” and either repurpose them or get them ready to give away or sell.

Many of my organizational systems for teaching have found their way into my art studio. Lot of bins, tubs and rolling carts.

As I went through them again I came upon a lot of flashcards. All of them made of heavy tagboard. Then I came upon these made of the same nice tagboard and this cool shape. They quickly went into the repurpose for art pile.


I decided to make them into Inspirational Quote Cards. But how?

I tried gessoing them, but it would take at least 2 coats per side and they took a long time to dry. Then I decided to take them and cover each side with either gelli prints or colored papers from using left over paint. I have lots of gelli prints all stored in my Big Blue Box Storage system.

I got excited now as I realized I could choose those gelli prints that I really liked and this deck of cards would help me remember some combinations I used to get the prints . Now I could duplicate them another time ( as much as you can “duplicate” a mono-print).


Since the paper towel and the delli paper prints were on the transparent side I applied a couple coats of white gesso just over the numbers and just when I needed to.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want to do unnecessary work.

IMG_2959   IMG_2960

I used Mod Podge Matt to glue the papers onto the triangular flash card. I glued on one side of all the cards , cut them out and then glued the gelli print onto the other side.


The edges were white so I  used Dylusions Black Marble paint on a Tim Holtz blending tool. I made sure that the edges showed black on both sides. You could use regular black craft paint and apply it with a make up sponge.


The next step was to select quotes. When I was making ATCs I had collected a  bunch of quotes I from Pinterest . I printed them out in a variety of fonts. I had these all in a binder so it was easy to just cut them to size and glue them onto the card with Gel Medium Matt. You could use Mod Podge here if you wish. I find Mod Podge Matt has a bit of shine and since I didn’t want to cover the whole card with it chose Gel Medium. You can see here that the card is 5 inches on each side  should you want to cut your own cards out of mixed media paper or tagboard.

I have lots of words and phrases from magazines. I may use some of them as well as the computer printed quotes. I may also so some quotes in my own handwriting to practice my lettering.


I outlined the quotes with my extra fine posca pens. I used colors that matched the gelli print.


Here are some of the cards. You can see the variety of color schemes and patterns. Looking at them just makes me happy. I punched a hole at the top of each triangle and put all the cards onto a large ring.

This triangular Inspirational Quote Deck stands on end with the quote of the day showing. I’m having trouble deciding if I will put this in the kitchen so I see it daily or in my art studio. More than likely I will divide it up so I will have it in both places. LOL




I realized that while my intent was to only do an Inspirational Quote Deck, I had created a lot more. I have preserved gelli prints that I love. Prints that I thought blended colors in a wonderful way or where the texture tools or combinations of stencils and stamps gave a lovely print. I can flip through this deck to get ideas for doing more gelli prints or for doing an art journal page or other mixed media project. Each card has a several ways to inspire me:

  1. an inspirational quote
  2. a color combination or color scheme
  3. patterns that create design or texture
  4. great samples of effective layering

I know you may be looking for inspiration too. I will post a picture of one of these cards each Monday . I will title it Monday Motivation. My hope is that you will use any or all of the inspiration these cards hold and create something wonderful.


Gelli plate –

Uni-posca Paint marker pen Extra Fine-

Liquitex Professional Matte Gel Medium, 8-oz-

Liquitex Professional Gesso –



 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Please be sure to post your creations that were inspired by this deck on the Facebook Group


I would love you to join the “creationships” that are being developed.

CreativeKady   Karen



10 thoughts on “Gelli Printed Inspiration Cards

  1. Darlene Bromberger

    What a wonderful idea. I have gelli prints that I just can’t part with and this would be a good way to preserve them. And congrats on retiring. I retired almost 3 years ago and I don’t miss working one bit.



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