Back to the Basics-Art Journal Tutorial : ” Every Flower”


IMG_4746 [2370509]

Techniques Used In this Page

  • collaging- for texture ,color or focal point
  • stenciling with black or white as a neutral for you color scheme
  • edging pages
  • using analogous colors on your page

Where to get collage materials ? 

I’ve been asked where I get the materials I use for collage. To answer I will divide it up into the three categories of collage

1) collage as a focal point- I get pictures from magazine, calendars, online resources ( many free ones),

2) collage to build texture- tissue paper, wrapping paper, colored paper towel, napkins, gift bag tissue paper, colored coffee filters, crumpled up brown paper,scraps of paper, gelli print left overs

3) collage for color- colored paper towels/coffee filters ( unused paint/spray), napkins, tissue paper, gelli prints,ripped peices from magazine ( sorted by color)

For this page I use a focal point from a calendar ( ask around- lots of people will be happy to give you theirs), I use a napkin for color and texture.

Materials Needed

  1. Colored napkin – can be any design or colors- more color the better
  2. Black or white acrylic paint-for stenciling, a color that goes with focal point and napkin colors to trim page
  3. Stencil- I use a flower stencil to stay with the theme of focal point, but it could be a geometric pattern as well
  4. Black or white paint pens or liner pens- these are basics to art journaling. I use Micron brand black liner pen, Uniball Signo white pen. I recently got and love,love, love Posca paint pens in extra fine that work amazingly well on acrylic paint.
  5. Charcoal pencil (watercolor pencils/Stabilio All Pencil/ Neo color II crayon) to outline and add shading
  6. Make up sponge
  7. Gesso- doesn’t have to be ‘brand’ name- cheaper brands work for what we need
  8. ModPodge or Gel Medium – Matte finish

If you want to view the video tutorial of this page. Click on this link. 


  1. Gesso the page- I still do this even when I cover the whole page with the napkin as it helps the page withstand the wet medium. Dry completely.IMG_4738 [2370503]
  2. Select napkin or napkins that have the colors you want to work with.  It could be multiple napkins. Seperate the layers. Keep the 2nd or 3rd layer to use for texture /gelli printing or to mop up unused paint. It works better if you wet your fingers first or try to grab the layers in the middle fold as shown in the picture below.

IMG_4740 [2370505]

IMG_4747 [2370510]

3.  Rip napkin into different size pieces. This allows you to get rid of colors you do not want. I omitted the white and kept the orange, yellow, and purple. The colors I used are analogous. The purple while it doesn’t quite fit is nearby and the focal point has purple in the center. Apply napkin with Mod Podge.Put the ModPodge under and over each piece.  Be sure to layer the pieces in order to create texture. Dry completely.

IMG_4743 [2370506]

4.  Glue your focal point picture on either side with Mod Podge Matt.

5. Select a stencil that goes with theme of page or is geometric. Use black acrylic paint. Dip in a makeup sponge and dab off. You don’t want to have a glob on the make up sponge. Apply the paint through the stencil with a light hand. It is better to apply several light layers than try to put too much on at a time. If you have too much paint on your sponge or press hard the paint will seep under the stencil and you won’t get a clean print. Sometimes that is okay, but for this we want it more clean and precise.

IMG_4744 [2370507]

6. Look on Pinterest for a quote that goes with the focal point you’ve chosen. Print it off with your computer OR stamp it onto white paper. When you have a lot of texture on your page , stamping letters is difficult as it will be hard to get a good stamp. Cut the quote into phrases, words and arrange in pleasing matter. I often find that cutting it into single words makes the page too cluttered.

IMG_4745 [2370508]

7. Use charcoal pencil to shade around words and focal point.

8. Use white gel pen/liner pen/paint pen to outline words and focal point.

9. Select a color from the picture or background to edge the page. Use that color acrylic paint and make up sponge.

IMG_4746 [2370509]

10.  Join the Facebook Group           All Things Mixed Media:CreativeKady and share with others who have also followed along. Come join the “creationships”

Keep creating

CreativeKady/Karen Burchill




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