Art Journal Tutorial: Back to Basics Series: Wings

IMG_4728 [2366110]

I created a Facebook Group so there is a place to share what you create and can develop “creationships” with others on this creative journey. The group is called – All Things Mixed Media: CreativeKady. Hope to see you there. 

Techniques Used :

  • working with  analogous colors
  • drippage
  • collage to give texture
  • collage to create focal point
  • using free clipart

Materials Needed

I am making every effort to limit the materials needed to items you can buy at your local dollar store, thrift store, Walmart.  Supplies will stay mostly the same for each project. Use what you have. I am limiting myself to them as well.

  • assorted colored paper towel/coffee filters ( that you’ve put unused paint or spray on), OR scrapbook paper OR gelli prints- alternatively you can use colored magazine pages
  • Mod Podge Matte
  • gesso- Walmart brand- does not have to be expensive artist grade
  • assorted sizes paintbrushes
  • re-purposed children’s book- see first post for selection and preparation or purchased journal with heavier paper ( mixed media preferred)
  • dollar store or other brand craft acrylic paint-assorted colors, silver, black , white
  • makeup sponges
  • charcoal pencil
  • baby wipes
  • paper towel
  • meat tray or plastic lid for paint palette
  • black permanent marker/liner pen/gel pens
  • old credit card/gift card/hotel key card
  • heat tool or hair dryer

*if you have a higher quality item, you can definitely use them. For instance  Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paint or Liquitex Modeling Paste, or watercolor pencils/crayons.  Often I will discuss options on the accompanying video.


  1. Gesso page using paintbrush or with credit card.  Dry with heat tool/hair dryer . Even though you will be covering this all with step 3. The gesso helps the paper handle the “wet” mediums that will be added.
  2. Select colors for background collage. I try to select colors ( 3-5) that are next to each other on the color wheel .  These are analogous colors. They naturally work well together.

3. Rip the paper towel etc that you chose to use into interesting shapes. I try to get rid of any straight edges.

4. Apply Mod Podge Matte to page, then put piece of paper towel down and cover with more Mod Podge. Continue until entire page is covered. Check edges and corners to ensure they are glued down.  Dry with heat tool.  This will take a long time so you may want to let it dry overnight. Cut off overlapping parts.

IMG_4726 [2366108]

5.  From magazine select a picture of a person, animal etc. I picked a female from an ad with a dress that went with my background ( she’s very neutral) . I also picked out a magazine picture of a butterfly and cut it in half to tuck behind the girl so it looks like she has wings.  If you don’t have a butterfly magazine picture, you can print a black and white butterfly by downloading a black and white free clip art. You will have to color it with permanent marker or paint it. Either create your own colors or google pics of butterflies and use same colors.

6.  Adhere girl and wings to page using Mod Podge.

IMG_4728 [2366110]

7. Mix up some paint with water and rub it across the top of the page. You may have to “help” the paint flow down by painting a line down to tell it where to go. Tap the book to the table gently. This will help the paint flow down. Add more paint at top to get it to flow as far as you want. I used gold as it would go with the colors of both the girl’s dress and background. Look at your focal point and pick a complementary color or similar color.  The You Tube Video shows this way better than I can describe.

IMG_4727 [2366109]

8.   Put a small amount of black acrylic paint on palette. Spray a small amount of water and mix paint . Dip small paintbrush in paint and tap the handle of the brush with another paintbrush to cause spatters. You may want to try this out on blank paper before doing it on your page, just to get a feel for the technique.

9.   Select quote . Lots of quotes can be found by doing a search on PInterst. Arrange the words and then use Mod Podge matte to glue it down. Put Mod Podge on back of what you want to glue down and then the top.

10.  Outline the words and picture with your charcoal pencil. This may be difficult if you use paper towel due to the texture.  You can use watercolor /inktense pencil for this, but instead of rubbing it you will activate it with water. You can outline near the edge of the page as well and smudge. This frames your page.

11. Join the Facebook Group   All Things Mixed Media: CreativeKady and post your picture and start making some “creationships”.

Click this link to see this page come together from start to finish  


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