Inspirational Prompt Sticks: Try It Tuesday: Week 1


IMG_2714This is the first of a bi-weekly inspiration prompt challenge. Every second week I will pick one of each color of my Inspirational Prompt Sticks and  throw out an invitation on YouTube and on here. I selected the prompt sticks on video. See the video version of this weeks Prompt Stick Challenge.

Try to use each prompt. You can do them in whatever order works best for you and your creative muse. If you don’t have a product listed, do not feel that you need to go out and buy it. Make a substitution as you see fit. You can make these as ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), ICAD ( Index cards), small journal pages or large.

When done, please post on the new Facebook Group entitled, All Things Mixed Media:CreativeKady. I created this group so we can have a conversation about what we are all  sharing. I want to promote the development of “creationships” between you and me, between you and others traveling the same creative path. I enjoy and will continue to enjoy my membership of all the other Facebook Groups. You don’t have to wait to post to join All Things Mixed Media:Creativekady. Search for it and sign up today. As the group gets going I will be posting inspiration quotes, technique or organization hints, and well all things mixed media. 

Here are the prompts:

Red- color medium– Inktense Sprays- any spray will do. I will be using my homemade Wilton Sprays. Click the link below to see the video where I show you how to make your own.

Purple-texture– Use drywall tape. Substitute any kind of mesh if you don’t have this.

Green-pattern -Use found objects to make marks- circles-shapes . Here is my box of mark makers


Blue- theme- Use an ocean theme

Orange-technique- Use a baby wipe through a stencil.

Yellow- additional details-Add a word or quote with letter stamps.


Karen Burchill




5 thoughts on “Inspirational Prompt Sticks: Try It Tuesday: Week 1

  1. TheresaMP

    Hi Karen, I watched your you tube this morning and in it you mentioned a PDF download for the prompt sticks. Could you please point me in the right direction to find the PDF file. I didn’t see it in the post. thanks so much.


  2. TheresaMP

    It would be so much easier if you just gave me the link. I can’t find the article either and there is no search bar to help find things. It is not under recent posts. How do I find the article? thanks so much.



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