Art Journal Tutorial: “I Say Yes”


I decided the join the Journal52 Facebook Group, based on the recommendation from my creative friend, Yvonne. Each week they post a prompt that you can  use as the basis for an art journal page.  I’ve given myself permission to choose not to do any prompt that doesn’t speak to me, but so far the prompts have mirrored what I was thinking about.

This week the prompt was ” What are you saying yes to?” This was the week that I had committed myself to finalizing my decision to give my notice that I will be retiring at the end of September. As you can see above I am saying yes to the future, to my dreams and to adventure.

Here’s how this page developed.

IMG_1493 [877959]          IMG_1497 [877961]

I chose my color scheme but picking out gelli prints that I had created using my DIY Texture Plates and my GelliArts Gelli Plate. I used StazOn black and stamped the jar image on the gelli prints. This stamps set is from Hot Off the Press. Then I stamped the cloth ruffle onto coffee filters that I had put unused paint or spray into  that would coordinate with the prints selected. I cut out all of these.

IMG_1494 [877960]

I typed out the words using font Fishfingers and printed it off onto paper that was a bit thicker than regular copy paper. I find it stands up better than copy paper.

IMG_1499 [877967]

After I gessoed the page and dried it. I started applying my acrylic paint when I realized that I wanted to add some texture. I used my Liquitex Light Modeling Paste and applied it through this Dylusions stencil. I then dried it with my heat tool.


I applied Phthalocyanine Green/Phalo Green and Prussian blue paint with my fingers rubbing into the stenciled texture. I continued adding paint, blending the two colors with my fingers and with a baby wipe this I got the effect I liked. Then I dried it thoroughly.

IMG_1502   IMG_1500

I applied gold acrylic paint onto my wooden script stamp and applied it all over the page. You can see what a lovely effect this is. In some places the script is clear while in others it’s not. This is fine with me. It adds lots of interest and dimension to the page.


Using my Liquitex Gel Medium-Matte, I adhered the words onto the jars and then the jars and the ruffles onto the page. I put a coat underneath and then one on top. I then used my Stabilio All Pencil and traced around the words, jars and ruffles. I used a narrow brush and activated the Stabilio All Pencil and carried the black out a bit. I wanted to make the jars stand out from the background. I went around the edge of the page with the Stabilio All Pencil, but this time I activated it with wet fingers. I didn’t want such a precise shadow effect.

At this stage the page cried out for gold letters spelling out the word Yes at the top.



I picked out some letters from alphabet stickers I had been gifted, but since they were silver and black I first applied a layer of gesso and then my gold acrylic paint. When I put them on the page I wasn’t happy so inspired by the video of my creative friend Yvonne Gebauer I got out my Lindy’s Starburst Sprays. I sprayed it with several sprays that had the colors purple, teal and gold in it. These were the colors of my jars plus the gold stamping. I sprayed several layers drying it between until I got what I liked.  I glued them on with my gel medium and made shadows around the letters with my Inktense Block.

Here is the final page and some close ups. I love the texture, the little bit of glimmer and the colors of this page. What are you going to say “Yes” to this year?   CreativeKady




6 thoughts on “Art Journal Tutorial: “I Say Yes”

  1. Beth L.

    For the second year in a row I am “startirg” Journal 52. I did only about 10 weeks last year. Hope to do better this year. Meanwhile I enjoyed seeing your take on YES. I still haven’t figured mine out yet………..



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