3rd Way to Maximize Your Stamping Dollars- Apply “Creativekady” and Getting Bang For Your Buck

Apply “creativekady” and Get Bang for Your Buck

Remember when I said that a lot of the focal point/picture  and sentiment stamps are too small to be used on art journal pages. Well I found a way around this, which makes all those $ 1.49 stamp packs , craft store dollar bin stamps and dollar store stamps all the more valuable. Not to mention getting your money’s worth from the more costly stamps you’ve invested in.

IMG_2701 (2)

IMG_2704 (2) IMG_2703 (2) IMG_2707

Here’s how I do this;

  1. I stamped the pictures and sentiments on paper, ensuring that I got a very clear stamp.
  2. I enlarged the stamped images and got several sizes of each.
  3. I cut and pasted them on a blank sheet-organizing them by size.
  4. I scanned these pages of images with the photocopier. This saves this as pdf.
  5. I save the pdf on my computer. I have several pdfs sorted by size, small, medium, large.
  6. Now when I’m creating and wanting a certain picture or sentiment I click on the pdf that contains the size I want.have, and print them on either regular copy paper, slightly heavier paper or onto deli or tracing paper.

Here’s the link to my YouTube video showing how to copy onto tracing/deli paper

Having   a whole page  of images/sentiments , means I am not wasting deli/tracing paper. I cut the extras out and place them in my Big Blue Box, file system for another project. Here’s the link to that video.

Sentiment Stamps

I love all the cute sayings that you find on many stamp sets. But it’s rare that I like every one of them or want to spend money on something that I may not use more than once. Here’s an alternative .Search sentiment stamps online on Amazon or other online sources  and write out the sayings or quotes you like then and then either print it yourself or if you’re like me and don’t like your l lettering download free fonts and print it off on deli or tracing paper.

Here is the link to “It’s All About da Font” blog article


Play Mix and Match with the sentiment stamps you may already have. Stamp them on paper then cut words apart to make word bank. Choose from them to create your own saying. Because many of them will have different fonts, it will look amazing.

Develop a “creationship” with a fellow mixed media artist/art journaler. Have a stamping date where both of you bring your stamps and switch. You stamp theirs on white paper or on deli paper, and they do the same with yours. Cut them apart and file to be used at a later date.



 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Save time and go directly to the stamp category



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Happy Stamping




2 thoughts on “3rd Way to Maximize Your Stamping Dollars- Apply “Creativekady” and Getting Bang For Your Buck

  1. KatheD

    Karen, I’m pretty sure that you’re right about this process working for inkjet printers as well as it does for laser printers. I’ve done something similar when I want multiple post-it notes, for example. But, I think that items printed by inkjet will smear/run easily in most art journal applications, so they would have to be the top/last layer.


    1. creativekady Post author

      Exactly right.. Also, would likely need a spray fixative to ensure it doesnt run/smear. I recommend trying with something not so special and then seeing what needs to be done.



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