1st Way to Maximize Your Stamping Dollars-DIY Stamp Creation

I’m just going to put it right out there stamps are expensive, too expensive for me to buy as many as I would like that’s for sure.  So what’s a mixed media artist to do if you like the effect that stamps and stamping can give you?

Well you can do the 3 things I do:

  1.  DIY stamp creation
  2.  Selective sourcing  and purchasing of stamps
  3.  Apply “creativekady” and ensure you get bang for your stamping buck

DIY Stamp Creation

Repeat after me, ” I do not need to buy stamps. I can create them on my own with things I have at home or things I can buy at my local dollar store. ” And then I can spend money on other kinds of stamps.

A stamp is simply an item that  can pick up ink or paint and apply it to another surface in some kind of pattern or design. Look around your house you have tons of things you could use.

There are three basic kind of stamps as far as I can tell : 1) background or texture stamps,2) focal point/picture stamps and 3) letter or word stamps ( sentiment stamps).

You can easily create background/texture stamps with things you have at home or can buy at your local dollar store.


I have a box of “stamps” in my art room. It contains an assortment of mark making tools that I can use both on an art journal page/canvas or on my gelli plate. These are treasured items such as toliet paper rolls, medicine bottles, the oval from the top of my deoderant, lid from hair spray, keurig coffee pod, nail polish bottle ( square bottom). I could go on, but you get my drift.

IMG_2701                    IMG_2699

All of these DIY stamps have been made with fun foam. I either bought fun foam shapes and adhered them to rollers, cardboard or little bottles or I cut up fun foam and made my own shapes to adhere. When I put it on cardboard I usually glue at least 2 or three layers of cardboard as it gives you more to hold on to when stamping.

The last picture has cardboard/foam board on which I have glued shapes cut out of fun foam on a Big Shot Machine.If you don’t have one , maybe a friend does and will let you use.

IMG_2702                  IMG_2703

There are many YouTube videos and pinterest pins that tell how to make your own DIY stamps. My friend Yvonne and I made a series of 3 DIY Stamp Videos. Many of the stamps you see above are made during these videos.  Here’s the link to those videos.




 I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Save time and go directly to the stamp category



Want to read Part 2 in this series .” Selective Sourcing and Purchasing of Stamps”  Click on the link below.


Happy Stamping


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