Top 10 Ways to Use Your Stencils: Getting Bang for Your Buck

When I started doing mixed media and art journaling about one year ago, I was intrigued by the vast array of wonderful products that I saw being used in the YouTube videos. I felt that I needed to have all of it. Of course, this is when my character trait of being practical kicked in, not to mention my budget. My question  then became ” which product could I get the most bang for my buck from?” For me to buy something , it needed to have multiple uses. It needed to be usable for creating small ATCs and larger journal pages. It needed to be usable in a variety of ways. In other words it  had to be versatile.

If you watched my videos you will have perhaps taken note of the large collection of stencils that I have. In fact, I’ve been offered the opportunity to send my stencils away for a “play date” with other artists both near and far. I have accumulated a lot of stencils because they give me the “bang for my buck” I demand from my purchases.

10 Ways to Use Your Stencils ( bought or homemade)

  1.   Use acrylic paint with make up sponge or dabber through stencil.

2.    Spray homemade or purchased sprays through the  stencil . See this  in the second part of this homemade spray video.

3.  Flip over stencil after spraying with spray and place on paper for reverse print.

4.  After applying color onto a page with sprays or Inktense Blocks put on a stencil and remove color through the stencil with a baby wipe.  Click this link to see a video showing this

5.  After painting with acrylics- with paint still wet…put on stencil and wipe out paint through stencil with a baby wipe. You will have to act quickly before it dries.

6.  Put modelling paste or gesso ( white or colored) through stencil and add texture. Click on this link and go to around minute 18 to see this.

7.  Put gel medium through stencil. Tinting with color or clear. It t will act as a resist.

8.  Put stencil on page and trace with permanent pen. Doodle or Zentangle in shape. If large stencil of item for example a flower draw out onto gelli print or other paper and then cut out and collage flower.

9.  Use stencils with your gelli plate to make gelli prints. Put acrylic paint on gelli plate with brayer. Put on stencil. Put on paper and do first pull of a print. Take off stencil and get second pull. Use different stencils and get a layered gelli print. See video link listed on use number 10.

10.  Make diy texture plates to use when making gelli prints . See my video by clicking here

Bonus- whatever use remember you don’t have to use the stencil as it is. You can isolate a certain part by covering up parts you don’t want.Look at your stencils through new eyes and see if there is a part you can use . For example a star or flower in the middle of the stencil.


I’ve done the work for you and organized my store by categories. Everything I chose is CreativeKady approved- I either own it OR want to own it.

Save time and go directly to the stencil category


If you have any other uses for stencils, please leave a comment telling us about it. Now go, get out your stencils and  use them in a new way.

Creative Kady


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Use Your Stencils: Getting Bang for Your Buck

  1. Shelly Sharp

    Hi Creative Kady, I recommend trying a flexible cardboard like cereal box weight for the texture plates. I found this really helped to get a clear image on my gelli plate. The stiff cardboard really exaggerated any unevenness in the compound. It might be worthwhile to go with the modelling compound as it doesn’t flake, it’s flexible and I got 4 L of Pebeo for about 20$ on sale at Omer de Serres. Cheers for your exploration and explanations.


    1. creativekady Post author

      Shelly, funny you should recommend using cereal box as I did just that. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I see what you are saying about the flexibility compensated for any unevenness .
      The wall compound I have does not flake at all, but when my friend tried it with a different brand it did flake almost immediately so I would recommending proceeding with caution and trying it out on a small scale at first. Wow, if I could get that kind of deal I’d definitely grab it. That’s how much I pay for 8oz of modeling compound in Canada. Lots of ways to do things. Best advice, try and see. You never know.


  2. Vicky

    The practice of sharing stamps with the intent to create pdf files of them for multiple usage, may be a breech of copyright protections.


    1. creativekady Post author

      I’ve been told that you can alter the stamp and use it on your private art.If you wanted to sell art that contains these altered stamps, you would have to check into copyright as you may not be allowed to do so. To be clear I only make the pdf of the stamps I have purchased, but you are right to put in a word of caution. Thanks for your comment.



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