Deck the Halls: Art Journal Page Using Acrylics and GelliArts Gelli Prints


After creating Christmas cards that look very similar to this, I just felt the urge to try to do it on a larger scale. I dug out my Canson Mixed Media Journal and started to do just that.

While I could have done this exactly like the Christmas card I decided to challenge myself and use different media and techniques. It’s fun to see how you can achieve similar results with different mediums and techniques. Take a look

I started off as usual with a coat of gesso. When that was dry I applied three colors of Liquitex Basics Acrylic paints. I used Naples Yellow, Hookers Green and Light Green Permanent.


I applied the paint straight out of the tube with my fingers. I attempted to use a baby wipe, but didn’t like the result so went back to my fingers. I started with the lightest color and went to the darkest. I wasn’t very precise and tended to go back and forth at a slight angle.  You can see this on the first picture. Then while the paint was still wet I stamped into it with my Foliage Cube Stamp from Stampendous. Where there was lighter paint below, you can see how the stamp lifted off the paint and then transfered it to an area where it was lighter. The second picture shows this in a close up.

IMG_4555 IMG_4557 IMG_4558

After this dried completely I stamped through the swirl stencil with black acrylic paint. I chose to use black instead of the gold I used on the cards because I had yellow in the background of this page and I didn’t think the gold would show enough. This represents the garland on the tree. I hesitated awhile as I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to go vertically or horizontally on the page. When I’m unsure I set up the composition both ways and take a picture. Somehow seeing it as a picture helps me decide which I like best.


   IMG_4576 [1265948]IMG_4575 [1265947]

While the black paint was drying I cut out circles out of my gelli prints made with GelliArts gelli plate. I  used the lid of my hairspray. I usually cut out more than I plan to use as I like to play with the composition ( or maybe it’s because I’m indecisive).


Then I put the balls where I thought they would go, trying to stagger heights and colors. I like the effect I get when I put some off the page. It’s somehow more realistic.

IMG_4562 n

When I was happy with the composition I adhered the ornaments with Golden Gel Medium. Then I got out my charcoal pencil and outlined each ball, smudging the charcoal afterward. I used my gold paint pen and drew the top of the ornament in, then using my brand new Posca black fine line paint pen outlined the ornaments and drew the line linking them to the top swirl. My Sakura gold gel pen was used to outline the swirl garland and the string the ornaments hung on.


I decided to play a little more with my black Posca paint pen and did some doodling on the ornaments. I got out my fan brush and splattered the page with thinned gold acrylic paint, just to make it sparkle. You can see the different the splatter makes if you compare the next two pictures.

IMG_4565 IMG_4566

All that remains is to add the sentiment. I printed out Deck the Halls with my laser printer on paper that is a bit thicker than regular copy paper. I cut it out to size , painted it with gold paint and adhered it to the page. I outlined the letters with my black Posca pen.



I decided to do this page again,using the vertical orientation.  As I was working on this page I got some ideas about how I can use more than one string of garland. You will have to wait for this one as I will be posting a YouTube Video of it.

Happy Holidays from CreativeKady

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