Looking at Your Supplies Differently Can Produce Beautiful Results

As mixed media artist or art journalists we love to buy stuff. Lots of wonderful , wonderful stuff. We buy stencils and stamps. We buy sprays and tubes of paint. We have watercolor, acrylics , and oil pastels. To name, but a few.

But do we get our money’s worth from these products?  Since I’ve started one of my most favorite creative endeavors is to re-purpose materials and use them in a multitude of ways. I also love to share it with other creative types. I believe I spend enough money on art supplies and if I can save a few bucks, then I’m there.

I have done several videos on YouTube under the playlist Craft Hacks. Click on this link and you will be taken to the playlist where all the videos are.

In this post I will share a couple Craft Hacks that I stumbled upon, just because I looked at my materials in a new way. LOL they say necessity is the mother of invention.

I was making Christmas cards. As I checked out YouTube and Pinterest I noticed several items where the ornaments were hanging on a wire. Well I don’t have that stamp set and while I am not good at drawing , I figured that I could draw that ( if I had a picture to go by).  So that was my intent. Then I went down to my studio and ended up organizing my work table. I decided to move off a lot of the supplies that had taken over the spot.IMG_2591

I grabbed this stencil that my sister-in-law Julie had sent me in some Happy Mail. I had never found a purpose for it, but liked the swirls and it had a straight edge, so I kept it. It didn’t fit in my stencil storage place which is why it was just hanging out.


Do you see it? The swirls. I used this stencil to make the ribbon the ornaments hang on in this Christmas card. I will definitely be using this again. The video showing how I made this card can be found by following this link.

The other thing that I looked at in a different light was this stamp that I bought at Michael’s. It has three stamps in one.

IMG_2586 IMG_2587

I decided to use the larger one as a window or frame for a focal point in a card. Look at the cards I made using it in this way.


This card I embossed the large circle stamp and snowflake with silver embossing powder. The background I created using one color of Inktense Block. I got lots of pigment out of the block as I wanted a darker color. I then sprinkled regular table salt onto the wet color. I dried it with my heat tool as I’m too impatient to wait. I then stamped the sentiment over and over to get the pattern effect. I used my blue StazOn inkpad. I love how the blue and pink  with the silver look.

IMG_2571 On this card I used the plastic wrap technique. I used the eggplant Recollections brand embossing powder. I used a circle cut out of a colored coffee filter for the ornament. I stamped and embossed it with a snowflake stamp. I used my Versamark pen to go around the ornament. I embossed it with silver. As a final touch I splattered watered down white paint.

So go now to your studio and look at your materials. See them not only for the purpose they were created or the way you have used it. Look at part of a stencil or a stamp. Ask yourself if you can use it in a different way.  Then come back here and tell us all.




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