Using Art Journaling As A Way to Deal with Loss: A Special angel


This angel is a very special angel. I made this just after my dear Aunty Mary passed away. She was a quiet, witty wonderful aunt who always took time to spend special moments with me , both as a child and once I became an adult. The last time I saw her was at my wedding 5 years ago. As usual there was a special 1/1 time for us. She also always took great care to pick the perfect card and always wrote her own special words in it.

As I was thinking about her and the special times I had with her, I wrote the memories on this journal page and then covered them all with gesso and then this angel.

Her eyes were the brightest blue and they always sparkled, so I knew that blue would be the main color  on this page and that there would be sparkle on the page. The time just before the funeral we had our first snowstorm-well rain followed by freezing closing highways and making travel treacherous. I knew that I would incorporate that aspect too.


I sprayed the pre-gessoed page with several blues and purples of my homemade Wilton sprays. While still wet, I sprinkled it with sea salt and dried it with the heat tool. When dry  I brushed off the salt.

I used some snowflake stamps with blue StazOn. A weird thing happened and the ink seemed to be absorbed by the spray , fading it somewhat. I then used same stamps and applied iridescent medium onto the stamp with a makeup sponge and stamped all over the page.


I dug out my old folk art books and found the snow angel. I cut out various parts out of my gelli prints that I created with my GelliArts gelli plate. I glued the pieces to the page with gel medium. I added faux stitches on underdress, hearts and wings with black and blue gel pens. I added the word love and the hearts to the pattern.

Lastly I outlined all the parts with my black stabilio all pencil and activated it with water.

This was the first time I journaled under my art. It was a good way to remember and honor my relationship with my aunt. Now when I look at it , I think of her and it makes me smile.


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