Technique With Stencils and Modeling Paste : Another Brick in the Wall


Flaunt What You’ve Got is made on a playing card. I obviously didn’t apply a coat of gesso or paint prior to applying the bricks, as you can tell. The red of the diamonds can be seen in the gaps. It doesn’t take away from the finished product , but you could paint the card black or white prior to the brick.

I used Flexible Modeling Paste from Liquitex through a homemade brick stencil. You can buy a brick stencil from many of the brand name stencil makers. Be sure to wash the stencil after using it with modeling paste as it will dry hard and could ruin your stencil.

I clean up the edges with a palatte knife and then use my heat tool to dry the modeling paste. If you put the heat tool too close or hold it in one place too long the modeling paste will bubble up. To get the look I achieved I did just that. I wanted it to bubble , and crack to make the brick looked weathered.You will notice that some of the bricks puff up. I press down some of them with my finger after it has cooled a bit.

I then sprayed the card with Lindy’s Starbursts sprays called ” Steampunk Sepia” and a very little bit of Shabby Turbine Teal. I applied the sepia spray twice, drying between layers of spray. Yes, the paste will still bubble and puff up. The two toned sprays with their gorgeous shimmer get into all the nooks and crannies.

I stamped my peacock feather stamp and sentiment on deli paper and sprayed it with my homemade metallic acrylic sprays and adhered it to the card.


This ATC was done in a very similar way as I described above. The difference is that I mod podged a colored paper towel onto the card prior to applying the modeling paste through the brick stencil. You can see the wonderful texture that adds to the card . On this ATC I used a couple of my homemade metallic sprays in blue and teal. I stamped the hummingbird, flower and sentiment on deli paper that had been sprayed with the same metallic sprays.

Make It Your Own

While my examples in this post are all done on Artist Trading Cards, you can use the same technique on a journal page or on a canvas.

I used a brick stencil for these cards, but putting modeling paste through stencils to add texture and pattern is one of my most favorite techniques. I have done it with most of my stencils. Just be sure to clean them right away.

I used Flexible Modeling Paste. I love the effects I’ve gotten , but it was just what I got my hands on.  You could use any modeling paste, light, heavy and any brand.  Play with them and see what they do. You could even use wall compound that is used to fill cracks in walls. This is much cheaper, which I love and can be found in many hardware or big box stores.

I used Lindy’s Starbursts sprays and my homemade metallic sprays. You can use whatever sprays you have. They do not have to be metallic or have shimmer. If you don’t have sprays you can thin out any acrylic paint  ( Liquitex or craft paint) with water and paint the brick. If you want shimmer you can add dollar store silver paint or iridescent medium ( I bought Artist Loft brand) rather than the more expensive Liquitex or Golden.

Flaunt What You’ve Got and make it your own.

Karen/Creative Kady



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