Inspiration Prompts- Get the Link- Gift for You

My blog has now been active for 2 weeks. Thank you for following my blog and commenting. I know that getting an email every day , but don’t worry I don’t plan on keeping that pace up. I just wanted to get a bit of variety blogs up to let you know what you can all expect from me.

I promised an email with a gift to those of you who are followers. I thought I had figured out how to do that, but all the emails bounced back to me so I am going to put the link in this post. ( I would prefer to do it out of the blog as I want it to be special for just my subscribers).

The link below should take you to creativekady’s g-drive. You will then have access to my list of Inspiration Prompts that I put on my prompt sticks so you can make your own set. You may have to tweek the font, size, delete some and add your own, but you will get the basics.  I used the font WhisperADream . It was a free font from .


Happy Creating


11 thoughts on “Inspiration Prompts- Get the Link- Gift for You

  1. Carolyn Albro

    Thank you for the gift. I made Inspiration Sticks last week and made my first journal page using them today. My initial thought was to do what you did and have each color represent a particular aspect of the page but then I realized that was going to require WAY too much planning and organizing LOL. I plan to keep adding to my collection of prompts and will most definitely incorporate some of your ideas. And I DID subscribe to your blog : ))


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    1. creativekady Post author

      I’m sorry this has taken me so long. Life has taken over. The gift of the prompt stick categories and items is a gift for my followers. The purpose of it was to draw people to my blog to see what I have to offer them. By putting the link on your blog, people do not come check out my blog. As such I would appreciate if you would remove the link to the gift. You can mention my blog or link to blog page. Thank you for understandin.

      Karen Burchill



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