Using Inspiration Prompt Sticks: Just Bloom



This art journal was created using my Inspiration Prompt Sticks that I blogged about just the other day.   Here’s the link if you want to check it out .

For this art journal page I picked the following Inspiration Prompt Sticks


Red: Paint or Ink Medium: Use sprays    Purple: Texture: Use bubble wrap/punchinella

Green: Pattern: Use masking tape           Blue: Color or Theme: Use summer theme

Orange: Technique: Collage                       Yellow: Additional Details: Work with white space

First I applied Liquitex Gesso to the page. I do this because it primes the paper and prepares it to handle wet mediums. To be honest it also helps me get “into” the creative zone or buys time when I don’t know what to do. On this page it did all three.

I got out masking tape and using my dollar store find curvy ruler cut the edges to make curves. I applied this to the page. This will prevent any color from getting on whatever I cover. This hits two of my prompts, use masking tape and work with white space. Gotta love a two-fer.

I then got out Dylusions stencil called “Flower Medley” and sprayed three of my homemade Inktense Block sprays through the stencil. I used 600 Shiraz ( one of my favorites) 210 Cadmium Yellow and 720 Thistle. On my YouTube Channel I made a series of 7 ( yes 7) videos of uses of Inktense Blocks. No, I’m not paid by them, I just really like the versatility of Derwent’s Inktense Blocks.  Here’s the link to  the playlist that has all of them. The one dealing with sprays is Number 2. Do yourself a favor though, while there is a lot of information there, go through all of them. If you do you will  get the most out of this product.

After drying this I used both punchinella and bubble wrap and used it to make designs on the  page. I used similar colors of my craft paint. I have the Ceremcoat brand from my folkart days. I mixed butter yellow, tangerine and ivory for one color, butter yellow for the next and bright red. the red looks pinkish because of the colors from the sprays. I removed the masking tape at this time. Be careful and go slow so you don’t remove some of the paper. I used painter’s tape. You can buy special art tape, but I’ve never used anything but the painter’s tape. I get mine from Walmart.



Then I used my Bo Bunny Stamp to making the stitch-like border and a Recollections flower stamp randomly over page. I used my black StazOn  for both because I thought it needed a pop of black and, well because it was my only stamp pad at that time.

The daisy picture I had in my stash. I had cut it out from a magazine. I cut it in half and I adhered each half with mod podge. Feeling that the picture needed more definition. I used my Neo-color IIs to darken the flower and make it blend more into the page. While I used Neo-color IIs  I could have used my Inktense Blocks or Pencils. My decision to use my small set of Neo-color IIs was because I just got them from Amazon and I have a rule about using new things immediately. ( not kidding) . I shaded around the flower with black and brown. I used vermillion, orange and yellow on the flower itself.

I typed out the quote on my computer and chose the Scrap It Up font. I printed it on deli paper. See my YouTube channel for this video. After cutting this out I adhered it with Mod Podge Matte into the white space I had created with the masking tape.

I love this page and I know that I would never have created it without the process of using my Inspiration Prompt Sticks. They challenged and pushed me and I created better for it.

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Here’s an invitation to you all. Use the same prompts I used and post your page or ATC back on here. I’d love to see your creativity.

I just created a Facebook Group so there is a place to share what you create and can develop “creationships” with others on this creative journey. The group is called CreativeKady: All Things Mixed Media. Hope to see you there. 




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