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As I said in a previous blog post the small size of the ATCs make them perfect to free yourself and try new techniques without worry of cost , amount of time. In this ATC I throw caution to the wind and try out 3 different techniques:

  1. Lifting color through a stencil
  2. Using gel medium through a stencil
  3. Using Pouring Medium

First I appied a layer of white gesso to the ATC card. This card I cut out of the thin cardboard (about the thickness of a manilla tag folder) that came in the packaging of a stencil I had purchased. ATCs measure 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches.


I then take 3 colors of Derwent’s Inktense Blocks : 740 Mauve,1300 Teal Green, and 850 Deep Blue and applied them to the gessoed surface. I sprayed water on the color and activated the colors with my fingers. I took care to NOT blend the colors as I wanted the three colors to remain. I used the heat tool to dry.

I then put a stencil ( don’t remember which one) over the card and using a baby wipe remove some of the color from the Inktense Blocks. This adds a bit of texture and another dimension to the card. After this dried I used my black StazOn inkpad and stamped the card with the Hero Arts “Old Letter Writing” wooden stamp.  This gives more interest to the card.


Now using the Joggles Amoeba stencil and my Golden Gel Medium I apply the gel medium through the stencil using a palette  knife trying to keep the application smooth. I let this dry naturally as I didn’t want any bubbling to occur. The gel medium dries clear.


Once dry I paint the raised surface black using black craft paint. Once completely dry I take the Liquitex Pouring Medium and, you guessed it poured it onto the surface of the card. This Pouring Medium is  not self leveling so I push it around and make sure it covers the entire card including on top of the raised gel medium stenciled part.


After letting this dry overnight I adhered the quote and attached the flower with gel medium.I bought the flower from Your Dollar Store With More. It is the Forever In Time brand. I’ve seen this brand at several other dollar stores including Dollarama.  I outlined the quote with my Stabilo All Pencil. Used black StazOn to edge the card.

IMG_4505 [1386283]

This whole card shines beautifully. The pouring medium really makes the colors pop. I can’t wait to try using Pouring Medium on a canvas.

If you have worked with pouring medium, please share your projects. Would love to use this more.

Keep Creating


4 thoughts on ““Your Feet Don’t Anchor You” : 3 Techniques To Try

  1. SusanR

    What great depth and interest you achieved! I really like the look of the final result. I’ve only used Pouring Medium to make transparent acrylic sheets for cutting up to use as pieces for multi-media collage. You squirt out onto something like a plastic sheet protector liquid acrylic in colors and patterns as desired, let dry thoroughly, then use the Pouring Medium over that to hold it all together. Once the medium dries it peels off fairly easily if you’ve used enough of the pouring medium that there’s a little depth to it. If you use Tulip dimensional paint, then you get dimension in the transparent acrylic sheet. I learned that from Patti Tolley Parrish who learned it from Jane Davies, I think.


    1. creativekady Post author

      This is what happens when you buy the wrong product and then don’t know what it’s really for. I discovered that I liked the glossy effect and then did this. Happy accident. Karen


      1. SusanR

        No, this is what happens when you take an art supply and use it however your artistic muse thinks it might be interesting to use it. While there might be some fairly common uses for an art supply, that doesn’t mean use is restricted to that. Most of the best artists are the ones who have done something different with the tools and supplies they have; who have used them in a different way, for a different effect. I only responded with my use of it because you asked in your piece to hear how others used pouring medium, not to tell you the “correct” use of it. There is no correct use. There might be an intended use which led to the product being made in the first place, but once it’s made, the sky’s the limit! There’s another medium you might want to try that I saw demonstrated at a Golden demo that’s called Tar Gel. It’s a clear, glossy medium that’s sort of Pouring Medium on steroids. It’s thicker, but still liquid, so can create even more dimension. I haven’t tried it yet, myself, but have some on order and look forward to receiving it soon.


      2. creativekady Post author

        Susan, I didn’t take it that way. I like how you called it creative muse. I do that a lot . I think to myself ” What would happen if I…” Usually if I think it , I then do it. Most of the time it is a success. I’ve heard of Tar Gel, but didn’t really know much about it. It sounds amazing. thanks for reading. Happy creating. Karen


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