Salt Technique: It’s Not Just for Watercolor : ATC ” Joy”

IMG_4506 [1386284]

If you watched some of my videos you know that I love using the salt technique frequently on my journal pages. I use it with my homemade Wilton sprays, Inktense Blocks and Lindy’s Starburst Sprays. But did you know you could use this technique with acrylic paint?

I didn’t either . At least not until I did a YouTube video seeing which color mediums the salt technique works with. You can find that video by clicking on this link.

The background created for this ATC was made during the video. On this background I used the following Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paints. Ultramarine Blue, Hookers Green, Bright Aqua Green, Light Blue Permanent and Old Gold.

             IMG_2327                                             IMG_2326

Onto a gessoed card I applied a generous amount of aquamarine blue with about half as much of each of bright acqua green and light blue permanent. I sprayed each with water and mixed loosely with my finger. I added a touch of hookers green afterward with a bit of water. When using the salt technique you want to have a bit of liquid for the salt to soak up. I applied sea salt to the card taking care not to sprinkle it on most parts.

If I was doing this again I would mix each paint color with water prior to putting it on  the card. I believe this will amplify the effect of the salt technique.

After it was dry I gently brushed off the salt with my fingers. You can feel the texture the salt created. I then put some of the Old Gold Liquitex Basic on my craft mat. I dipped a makeup sponge into it and applied it to my Hero Arts “Old Letter Writing” wooden stamp. I stamped the card so the script was vertical.

Now, it was August when I did this, but for some reason when I looked at the background I saw a Christmas tree. So I happily dug out my  new Penny Black Christmas clear stamps and using Versamark stamp pad stamped the dangling ornaments across the top of the card. I poured white embossing powder on it and activated it with my heat tool.


When that cooled, I got my small letter stamps and stamped the word JOY onto the card using Versamark Inkpad. I used white embossing powder again. To finish the card I edged the card with the makeup sponge and gold paint.

Instead of Christmas Cards I may just send out Christmas ATCs.  No two would ever look the same even if you use the same paints each time. I love that.

 Would you mind getting an ATC like this instead of a card?                Creative Kady

IMG_4506 [1386284]IMG_4506 [1386284]IMG_4506 [1386284]

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