The New Reader’s Digest Is Here!


I, like millions of other grew up with the Reader’s Digest in their homes.IMG_2256 As an adult my parents “gifted” me with a subscription. Maybe I’d read the jokes, but I’ll be honest, they never really got read,they piled up and eventually they would make their way to the recycling depot.

Well, no more! The latest edition of the Reader’s Digest got delivered the other day and a rush of excitement came over me. Why you ask? Because now it is an essential part of my art. I have discovered how perfect the Reader’s Digest is for doing gelli prints with my GelliArts Gelli Plate.

The Reader’s Digest is perfect size. One page fits perfectly on the 5×7 GelliArts Gelli Plate , while 2 sheets fit perfectly on the 8X10 GelliArts Gelli Plate.

IMG_2254                                    IMG_2255

First thing I do is rip the book apart and make a nice pile of pages. I put in a take out tray that I pull out when the urge to gelli print takes me.IMG_2252

Here are some pages that I’ve gelli printed. You can see the text come through, which adds interest and visual texture to your final projects. If you don’t want the print to show, you can make sure by applying more layers. But between you and me I love when the print peeks through. It makes me happy.

IMG_2259   IMG_2258    IMG_2260

I sort them roughly by color and store them in a gelli print covered Keurig coffee box.IMG_2251 Tour books such as this one fits perfectly on gelli plates as listed above.IMG_2256

My latest discovery was that the old phone books fit perfectly on my 8X10 plate.  You can also use magazine pages. I also, use these books to brayer off the extra paint. These brayered off pages often become some of my favorites. There is no waste this way.

What do  you repurpose/recycle to put your gelli prints on?


3 thoughts on “The New Reader’s Digest Is Here!

  1. mycraftingtherapyroom

    I love my Reader’s Digest I demolished as well. Such great texture and feel to the paper with those layers of acrylic paint on top of that paper. I’m so glad we feed so well off of each other with our ideas. :o)


  2. AmyS

    I use old computer print outs that we no longer need, and the stat sheets from basketball games which are handed out at the press table (I work for a professional basketball team in Israel). I do almost all of my printing on these papers, with an occasional book oage thrown in.



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