The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

IMG_4481 [407823]

These cute mini-composition books are a quick, easy project that will turn into a great stocking stuffer, or thank you gift that everyone will appreciate. The possibilities are endless for color, or design. Easy to personalize to any taste.

Start with a plain, IMG_4474 [407819]book. I buy them at our local dollar store called “Your Dollar Store with More”. They come in a package of 3 for $1.25. I tape off the black binding with painters tape and apply a coat of white or black gesso. Be sure you put papers between the cover and the first sheet to prevent seepage.

For the next step you can use a variety of things. Gelli prints , paint colored paper towel/napkins/coffee filters or paint covered drop papers.  Apply a coat of mod podge matte on the cover and lay the selected page on top. Cover with another layer of mod podge. Let dry or use heat tool. The books that I covered with paint/inks from other projects I ripped up and collaged on to achieve a textured look.

This is where you get to get your “create” on. Get out your stamps  and put on whatever design/pattern you or your intended recipient may like. Use acrylic paint applied with a make up sponge or a permanent ink like StazOn. Or if you want use embossing powder for that little extra something something.  Finish the edges either  by dipping in Versamark embossing ink and then applying embossing powder then heat activating, OR shade with stamp pad, gelato, inktense block or acrylic paint applied with a blending tool.

Have fun.

IMG_4492 [507999]IMG_4482 [504353]

This one was done with collaged colored coffee filters- look at the gorgeous texture.

IMG_4486 [504357] IMG_4485 [504356]

This was done with collaged colored paper towels. More yummy texture.

IMG_4483 [504354]IMG_4484 [504355]IMG_4491 [507998]IMG_4489 [507996]IMG_4488 [507995]IMG_4493 [532249]

These are all on gelli prints . They are either stamped with ink or embossing powders. One even got splattered and doodled on it.

If you want to see this process please check out my YouTube video where I make a few of these.

Have fun. Don’t forget to come back and post books you make.



4 thoughts on “The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

    1. creativekady Post author

      They are mini. They are about the size of a playing card ( a bit bigger). They fit nicely in a purse, pencil case, or glove compartment of vehicle. You of course could cover any notebook in this same fashion regardless of the size.

      Hope that helps.



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